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Salad Days Magazine | August 3, 2020

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Unity – The big album, with an even bigger heart!

The big album, with an even bigger heart! It’s easy to forget natural disasters when they no longer make the news headlines, but the people left behind continue to struggle sometimes for years after the event.

In March 2011, Japan was hit by a life changing series of earthquakes and a devastating tsunami where families and homes were literally torn apart.
Engineer Records has not forgotten this awful tragedy and is doing something to raise much needed funds for the homeless children of Japan. With the help of its good friends in the music world, it has brought together a moving charity compilation Unity. The album features The Gaslight Anthem, Funeral For A Friend, Moneen and Fightstar, as well as a host of other fantastic artists, and includes many exclusive tracks that won’t have been heard before and which have been produced solely for this compilation – so you wont be able to get them elsewhere. The Unity download will be available as a set of 25 tracks – so for a small donation you get the whole album. Initially, it will be available from Bandcamp and 100% of the proceeds raised from donations will go to the charity. It will also be available from iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify at a later date. Proceeds will go to Save the Children’s Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami appeal ( Official release date is 11 September 2011. (But you can go get yours now!).

Unity – a benefit for Save the Children Japanese earthquake tsunami relief

01. Freeze The Atlantic (Ex Hundred Reasons / Reuben) – The Alibi
02. Fightstar – Colours Bleed To Red
03. Maycomb – Whatever Happened, Happened
04. The Gaslight Anthem – Our Father’s Sons – ’08 Demo (EXCLUSIVE)
05. In Bloom – You Sew Me Up
06. Brian Southall [Isles&Glaciers / The Receiving End of Sirens] & Craig Cirinelli [(Damn) This Desert Air / The World Concave] – Losing My Religion (EXCLUSIVE)
07. The Morning Of – Tell Me I’m Wrong
08. Paige – Young Summer
09. Call Off The Search – Second Best
10. Kyoto Drive – Chapters
11. Funeral For A Friend – Sixteen (Acoustic)
12. The Lion And The Wolf – The Lion And The Wolf
13. Mikee J Reds – Don’t Know When (EXCLUSIVE)
14. Moneen – The Day No One Need To Know (Early Acoustic Version) (EXCLUSIVE)
15. Her Only Presence – Goodnight
16. The Cameo In – Stumble Home Thursday
17. Luke Pickett – We All Wear Crowns (EXCLUSIVE)
18. Nathaniel Sutton – Shades Of Neon (EXCLUSIVE)
19. Remember Paris – Run Something Terrible
20. Dan Coutant (of Joshua) – Fail
21. Ben Parcell – The Only One
22. Ramona – Kids In Tokyo
23. The Satellite Year – Jelly, Jelly, How To Survive Such A Trip
24. Archie’s, Come Back – After The White Star Disappears (EXCLUSIVE)
25. The Ocean As Mistress – Virga

Editor’s note: Engineer Records works closely with many recording artists around the world including a number of partners and labels in Japan. It has made a commitment to helping those children affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami. The scale of the disaster left 10,872 people dead, with 16,244 still missing. More than 387,000 people were forced from their homes, including around 74,000 children. They are now living in evacuation centres, and could well be living in them for months. We really need your help to publicise this compilation so that we can raise funds for this important and worthwhile cause. Any publicity that you can give to promote Unity will help us to make the lives of the children in Japan just that little bit better. Engineer Records was formed in 1999 and has grown to become one of the biggest independent labels in the UK. Since its formation, it has produced over 150 releases and worked with around 100 artists.

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