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Salad Days Magazine | December 7, 2021

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Salad Days

Not your average snowboard film. Snowboarders will snowboard, friends will laugh, adventures will inspire, even when things get crazy.

This short film is a snapshot of how the Nitro team continued its endless search for powder, rails, parks, friends, laughs, and in-the-moment adventures during this past winter of chaos. The world is forever changing but a snowboarder’s passion for riding is always constant – no matter where you live. The crew went to locations that were open for travel out of respect for the global situation, by navigating like a snowboarder the adventures were plenty – an RV adventure through the alps, an Off-Road trip through the deserts and mountains of Western America, high alpine glacier expeditions, a 100-mile snowmobile alpine camping adventure through the most remote interior BC terrain, the snowy streets of Stockholm, Sweden, and much more… the adventures are one thing, but our focus is the good times, laughs, and friendships created and strengthened along the way. The crew consists of Nitro team riders Elias Elhardt, Ludvig Billtoft, Sam Taxwood, Nils Arvidsson, Yanneck Konda, Jared Elston, Griffin Seibert, Celia Petrig, Bob Plumb, Sam Taxwood, Jared Elston, Joel Loverin, Bruce Johnson, Keith Martin, Seb Grodin, Melina Merkhoffer, Tom Tramnitz, Bryan Fox, Jeremy Jones, Yung Doli, and many more…

A Film by:
Karsten Boysen

Music by:
Yves Ardelt

Principle Filmers:
Karsten Boysen, Justin Meyer

Knut Eliassen, Andi Aurhammer

#Snowboarding #BestOfSnowboarding #2021

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