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Salad Days Magazine | February 3, 2023

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Vans Shop Riot crowns Skate Boutique as the Official 2017 Champions

Vans Shop Riot crowns Skate Boutique as the Official 2017 Champions
Salad Days

Shop Riot makes skateboarding history once again in Breda, Holland.

Breda, Holland – Vans visited Pier15 skatepark for this historic events ninth final in as many years. The 15 shop teams who reigned victorious in the qualifiers went to battle in this epic final determined to be crowned champions of 2017.

Day one saw the A-Frame section of the park play host to the best trick contest, despite freezing conditions, the stoke was very much alive and well. Alex Decunha of Skate Warehouse wowed the crowd with his quick feet, laying down a FS boardslide, body varial, BS boardslide, kickflip out. This wasn’t enough though to beat Pedro Roseiro‘s (Bana) massive nollie BS 180 fakie 5-0 on the hubba which won him the title and a cool €500 in prize money.

Day two, the finals ensued, the early rounds proved that every team was hungry for victory. Titus (Germany) lived up to their reputation with all three riders skating in sync with unbelievable consistency. With a rider injured, MicroXtreme (Greece) were forced to compete with just two, this didn’t deter Giorgio Zavos who launched a big pop shuvit to flat on the A-frame, or his teamate Notis Aggelis who followed suit boosting a stylish FS flip to flat. In similar fashion Welcome’s (Spain) Rafa Cort spent much of the day air born stomping a huge front side 360 to flat. Other highlights included Pedro Roseiro’s effortless nollie 5-0, Rob Maatman’s (Burnside) nollie BS 270 lipslide to fakie, both on the A-frame Rail and Alex Decunha’s surprising Benihana shuvit.

Skate Warehouse (UK) faced Flame (Italy) and Burnside (Holland) face Skated Boutique (Belgium) in the Semi-Finals. Despite Flame’s best efforts they couldn’t match Skate Warehouse who impressed the judges with a series of technical tricks, using every inch of the course. Burnside charged the course, skating fast and aggressively much to delight of the lively locals, Luca Hendriks finished their run with a stylish switch back tail down the small hubba. Despite Burnside setting the bar high, the Skate Boutique team retorted with a series of innovative trick combinations, capturing the attention of the judges and therefore qualifying for the final.

The finals had everyone on the edge of their seats as both teams got off to an incredible start. Simon Deprez (Skate Boutique), who had become a judges favorite over the contest, arrived on the course slightly late due to him snapping his deck in the warm up before the final, however this didn’t seem to perturb him, entertaining spectators with an unbelievably technical and powerful display, including a giant hardlip late kickflip off the A-frame to flat during a fast paced back-to-back session of the obstacle, which also saw Alex Decunha perform a back Feeble front big spin out on the rail, while his teammate Aaron Jago 270 lipslid it. The finals were captivating with both teams nailing tricks on every obstacle of the course, it was difficult to know where to look, leaving everyone including the judges exhausted. Both teams put on an awe-inspiring show, however it was Belgium’s Skate Boutique who came out victorious after an indisputable display of skill from start to finish.

The Vans Shop Riot Series was created in celebration of Europe’s finest independent skate shops: the lifeblood of skateboarding, and those who’ve supported everything we’ve known and loved since the beginning. Having grown over the years to involve more than 200 of the best shop teams from across the land, the Vans Shop Riot is dedicated to the skateboarding community, all those in it and all those supporting it. A big “thank you” goes out to those who joined us along the way: the stores, the teams, the fans, skateparks and everyone in-between. Special thanks also goes out to Richt for bringing his artistic charm to the event, Nixon and the people of Breda, plus all those who helped host such a legendary final in Holland.

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1. Skate Boutique
2. Skate Warehouse
3. Burnside
4. Flame

Best Trick Winner:

Pedro Roseiro (Bana) – Nollie BS 180 fakie 5-0

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