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Salad Days Magazine | February 3, 2023

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Volcom’s 2010 VQS Starfish Surf Series – Newport Beach, California!

Volcom’s 2010 VQS Starfish Surf Series – Newport Beach, California!

With wind and rain forcasted for the weekend, we approached the River Jetties parking lot expecting the worst. Luckily for us, it was everything we expected and more. After finishing the early am set-up, it was time to get the 120 soaking wet competitors signed up and kick-off the last Starfish event of the season at River Jetties in Newport Beach. The day rolled along and as usual the Groms were covering themselves in flour and other fun grossness. Even though the less then perfect conditions made it challenging, the surfing was at an all time high and when the wind finally calmed down in the afternoon, there were even some lofty punts taking place. Here are some standouts from the day’s action.

In the Squids division, Keanu Igarashi, who is more known for his beach craziness decided to take up surfing for the day and took home first place. The Girls division never disappoints at the Starfish events and they are always ready to flaunt their skills. The final had some familiar faces, but in the end it was Sara Taylor who bettered her previous second place result with a first and a qualifying spot in 2011 VQS Champs. The Groms were out in full effect and the final was jam packed with talent. When it was all said and done, Taylor Clark took home the top spot and a heap of prizes. The Juniors were going crazy in the rain and final saw Ryan Croteau beat out one of last years VQS World Champ Collin Moran for the $250.00 supplied by Muscle Milk. In the Pro-Am final Bummy Koepenick pulled a big old front side air to take home the $50.00 Electric Volt Thrower move of the event, and solidified himself 1st place and 500.00 buckaroos in cold hard cash.

Taylor Clark won the first Starfish event of the season and backed it up with another in the Grom division this last weekend! With this air, Bummy Keopenick clinched the Pro-Am final, $500 and the Electric Volt Thrower move of the event!

Volcom Squids take over Newport Beach!
1. Bummy Koepenick – $500.00
2. Bobby Okvist
3. Victor Done
4. Jason Harris
5. Josh Hoyer
6. Chase Wilson

1. Ryan Croteau – $250.00 Muscle Milk
2. Jared Thorne
3. Dimitri Papa
4. Taylor Thorne
5. Colin Moran
6. Arryn Farris

1. Taylor Clark
2. Kanoa Igarashi
3. Gai Sato
4. John Mel
5. Josh Benjoya
6. Brogie Panesi

1. Keanu Igarashi
2. Ben Seaberry
3. Zac McCormick
4. Elijah Huseman
5. Casey Ford
6. Samuel Collin

1. Sara Taylor
2. Rielka Niro
3. Kulia Doherty
4. Tia Blanco
5. Lulu Erkeneff
6. Samantha Lamirand

Electric Volt Thrower
1. Bummy Koepenick – $50.00

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