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Salad Days Magazine | December 13, 2019

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VQS Mullet Fish Cap Ferret

VQS Mullet Fish Cap Ferret

The VQS tour stopped last weekend on the peninsula of Cap Ferret for 1st of the three events called the Mullet Fish (Hossegor and Crozon) Series in France. Almost 100 surfers were present to spend a pleasant day with friends and try to qualify for the VQS Champs in April 2012. With a poor forecast suspected, it was decided to run the contest in one day the Saturday, but we were forced to change our schedule because of a surprise storm in the end of the afternoon. On Saturday, conditions were really fun with 3-4foot waves, light wind, sunny, warm, and a perfect day to spend on the beach… before the storm! And luckily for us, Poseidon was generous on Sunday too (despite the poor forecasts) with a 2-3 foot swell, with no rain and no wind! For the first time we had a SQUIDS category (Under 10years old) and it was a pleasure to see the little buddies ripping as the adults without any help (no parents to push them). It was not a contest, just a session/heat, and everyone returned home with a prize. We were invaded by groms (more than 35), where the level is just getting higher and higher, and as usual, Aldric God won thanks to powerful surfing with big carves and turns, just in front of the last years winner, Arthur Lassée, with Vincent Feillon in third and Pol Barets finishing the final in forth. A total of 12 Girls were on hand for the contest, and trust me the level was just amazing from the first heat to the last one. Johanne Panzini (euro VQS champs 2011 winner!) won with some good barrels and clean turns just in front of an explosive Laetitia Sudre who showed some amazing back hand surfing, Maeva Akbi placed third, and Amaia Billecock followed in fourth. In the Junior’s, it was to no surprise Pierre Rollet was on top for a easy win in front to the young local and crowd favourite, Theo Rodriguez (just 15 years old), Loyan Pons de Viers placed third and the older brother of Vincent, Boris Feillon was in fourth spot. In Open, the level was just insane this year, some favourites lost in earlier round like Hugo Palmarini, Jean Seb Estienne, Kieran Bulard, and Rudy Marechal. The first Quarter was the highlight of this VQS with an incredible surfing from the locals, Rémi brothers, where Nicolas, the young brother, landed the biggest reverse air of the contest and won the Electric Volt Thrower. The last heat of the day was the Open final where unfortunately local Nicolas Rémi had to be content in 4th just behind Thomas Chamula from Tahiti-Reunion Island in third, and the battle was between Romain Lauhlé and the famous Tahitian Steven Pierson. The results was tight, in the end Steven Pierson took the win and the 400€. Congrats Bra!!!! Many thanks to all the surfers, parents, friends who changed their planning to stay one more day at the contest! Big Thanks to NOUNOURS for the best sandwich in south west (Approved by Antoine Benetrix!), ELECTRIC, KZOB, Surf Club de la Presqu’île (especially Julien, Rémi, Yo, Loîc, Vincent), the council of Lege Cap Ferret, the surf-shop Tutti Frutti, Antoine Benetetrix from the CREEDLE CAMP, La Crapule, and Smiters. Next stop is the Hossegor event for the next VQS Mullet Fish.

1- Aldric God
2- Arthur Lassée
3- Vincent Feillon
4- Pol Barets

1- Pierre Rollet
2- Theo Rodriguez
3- Loyan Pons de Viers
4- Boris Feillon

1- Johanne Panzini
2- Laetitia Sudre
3- Maeva Akbi
4- Amai Billecock

1- Steven Pierson (400€)
2- Romain Lauhlé
3- Thomas Chamula
4- Nicolas Rémi


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