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Salad Days Magazine | February 17, 2020

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Z-Flex Black Hex Skateboard

Z-Flex Black Hex Skateboard
Salad Days

Z-Flex Skateboards have been at the forefront of skateboard design since the early 70s, boasting a decadent history of quality and style.

Now generations strong, Z-Flex continues its path of determination and dedication to skateboarding in its newest creation, the Z-Flex Black Hex Skateboard. Since the beginning of the Dogtown era of Southern California, Z-Flex Skateboards has continued to push the boundaries of skateboarding. This ethos has carried heavily into the design of the Black Hex. Ideal for someone looking to transition into new disciplines, the Black Hex complete 8” features the classic Z round logo and includes Z-Flex Trucks. The complete also comes with ultra hard 100a, 52 mm wheels with Z-Speed bearings, making it fast and versatile for all types of street skating. The Black Hex is also available in Red 7.75 and Blue 8.25. With over 40 years in the game, Z-Flex set the gold standard for quality performance for all their decks, whilst maintaining a competitive price point.




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