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Salad Days Magazine | July 14, 2024

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Game Over releases ‘Synthetic Dreams’ video

Game Over releases ‘Synthetic Dreams’ video
Salad Days

Game Over has released a video for ‘Synthetic Dreams’, first single taken from the new album ‘Hellframes’ to be released on October 20th through Scarlet Records.

Recorded at Raptor Recording Studio and spine-chillingly illustrated by the horror master Mario López, ‘Hellframes’ will be released in the following formats:

- jewel case CD
- vinyl (black/marbled red limited 100 copies/marbled blue limited 100 copies)
- digital

‘Hellframes’ is a neck-breaking album where Game Over keep delivering their rabid, insane brand of thrash metal and pushing the songwriting out of the comfort zone at the same time. A frantic mix of thrashing madness, punk attitude, infecting melodies and some creepy obscure atmospheres. Lyrically-wise, a couple of tracks are intricately woven together, telling the tale of a 15th century priest who birthed an occult cult, re-discovered in modern times through technology and unleashing unspeakable evil from hell. Other songs delve into the depths of human existence and mind – exploring pain, fear, and the relentless struggles we face every day.

‘Hellframes’ tracklist:

1 Visions

2 Call Of The Siren

3 Path Of Pain

4 The Cult

5 Count Your Breaths

6 Atonement

7 Deliver Us

8 Synthetic Dreams

9 My World Dies Screaming

10 Hellframes (featuring Dome/Fulci & TV Crimes)


photo by Elisa Catozzi

Game Over:

Renato “Reno” Chiccoli – vocals, bass

Alessandro “Sanso” Sansone – guitar

Luca “Ziro” Zironi – guitar

Anthony “Vender” Dantone – drums

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