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Salad Days Magazine | July 25, 2024

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Make It Happen Trip 2 – China Teaser

Make It Happen Trip 2 – China Teaser
Salad Days

‘Make It Happen’ is a year long, global video project under the reigns of EMEA rider Greg Illingworth, filmer Will Evans and Goerge Marshall.

It consists of a series of four trips with a selection of riders hand picked for each journey, culminating in the release of a full video at the end of the year. The progress can be seen in the pages of The Albion throughout the year and by the release of a trailer video and photo gallery after each trip.

Make It Happen, Trip 2: China
Riders: Josh Harrington, Brian Kackinsky, Eddie Zunda and Greg Illingworth

For the second installment, we ventured to the vast cities of China, starting in Hong Kong and heading into the mainland by train. The trip provided the backdrop for Josh Harrington‘s interview, which can be found in The Albion Issue 15. You can view a the teaser video by Will Evans, and a photo gallery from the trip:

Visit the Make It Happen website to keep up to date on future trips:

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