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Salad Days Magazine | July 20, 2024

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One Hidden Frame release new single

One Hidden Frame release new single
Salad Days

The second single from the Nordic melancholy masters – One Hidden Frame throws in an intensive mix of aggression, anthemic melodies and gut-wrenching topic with the song ‘Information Blackout’.

“Local ethnic minorities have faced torture and persecution at the Xinjiang internment camps, while PRC has stated that these camps are created in the name of “re-education”. It has been widely reported that they contain systematic state-organized erasing of the minorities’ culture and language.”

One Hidden Frame was established in the year 2002 in Lappeenranta, South East Finland, close to the Russian border. Bowing down to the direction of Bad Religion, Propagandhi and Adhesive, their main focus was to create energetic melodic punk rock, spiced with melancholy and aggression and meaningful lyrics towards a more solidary world. OHF has musically moved forward all the time with 5 albums released: ‘Time To React’ (2005), ‘Comforting Illusion’ (2007), ‘Giant Steps’ (2009), ‘The Water Seems Inviting’ (2013), ‘Harmful Content’ (2017) and a split 7″ with Thousand Oaks (2018). They’ve been happy to perform at Manchester Punk Festival, twice in Punk Rock Holiday and +20 countries.

One Hidden Frame are:

Pekka Multaharju – Lead vocals / guitar

Vesa Sinkko – Guitar/backing vocals

Emil Stenbäck – Drums

Vesa Ahonen – Bass/backing vocals

‘Information Blackout’
One Hidden Frame
30 November 2021
Lockjaw Records (UK/EU)
Thousand Islands Records (CAN)

Lockjaw Records
84 Weyside Road
Guildford, Surrey Gu1 1hz
United Kingdom

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