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Salad Days Magazine | July 14, 2024

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Salad Days

Hold on to your hats folks – this is an absolute gem! DIG filmer Trent Lutzke welcomed his Sunday teammates out to the midwest for a week of car surfing…

…wild riding clips, angry members of the public, incredible spots and ‘No Service’. This is ultimate pre-riding hype. Stop what you’re doing and watch over 10 minutes of grade-A riding from a dream squad.

“Having the Sunday boys in town was an idea I have been manifesting since I got put on the team a few years back. I always thought Michigan, especially the northern parts, were super overlooked and practically untouched when it comes to riding. I also thought It could be huge for the riders up in these parts to see pros in their area, get the chance to ride with them, and see that the spots up here are more than capable of providing some heat. There is a scene up here in the north, there’s about one biker for every other one stoplight town and it is important that they see what’s possible on their hometown spots. Seeing Cali footage all day really demotivates a lot of people out this way. Some kids grow up thinking they will never be anything unless they make it out West, and I can only hope that videos like this one show that biking is more than the west coast and more than energy drink sponsors. It is a gift, a gift that brings people together from all over the world and gets you outside living. Being able to meet these guys, I can only hope, provided some perspective that they are just another kid on a bike having a good time. Nobody is naturally gifted, everything we are on our bikes comes from practice. I want kids out this way to see and realize that. Having Brett, Jared and Julian come and experience the Upper Peninsula for themselves really showed me just how overlooked it was. The winters up here are absolutely brutal and long. The snow almost always sets in by October 31st and isn’t gone until the sun comes back out in May. It can be very detrimental to a person’s riding, which in turn can affect their mental health. I hope this video gets people out and getting it while the streets are hot. These northern crust-filled spots were begging for some carnage and holy shit did these boys provide. If there is anything that this video accomplishes, I hope it gets one person outside pedaling because damn did we ever have a good ass time doing just that. Thank you, Sunday Bikes and DIG BMX, for being down to roll with these ideas. It is important to me that the same stoke I grew up on, gets spread to the youngsters coming up on the scene. Bikes baby.” – Trent

Jared Duncan
Brett Silva
Julian Arteaga
Trent Lutzke

Video by Trent Lutzke

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