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Salad Days Magazine | July 21, 2024

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Supra presents the PRO + AM Collection’s Keelan Dadd S1W

Supra presents the PRO + AM Collection’s Keelan Dadd S1W
Salad Days

SUPRA Presents The PRO + AM Collection’s Keelan Dadd S1W

December 3, 2012, Fountain Valley, CA—The SUPRA PRO + AM Collection features four signature pro model shoes redesigned by four different ams. The fourth and final installment in the PRO + AM Collection is Stevie Williams’s signature S1W shoe with a Keelan Dadd designed colorway. Keelan treated the S1W to a black, snakeskin-embossed suede upper with black patent leather, black suede, and turquoise and hot-pink accents. It has black and turquoise padded mesh lining, black/hot-pink rope laces, and it’s constructed on a unique, translucent, hot-pink cup sole. It also comes with a PRO + AM Collection hang tag and sock liner. “Stevie’s a homie, a mentor, and my favorite skater,” Keelan said. “And to be able to collaborate with him on his first signature SUPRA shoe, that’s a dope feeling for me—it’s like, hell yeah. And it seems like he likes the shoe, so it’s gonna be pretty fresh.” Stevie does indeed like the shoe. “The colorway is a reflection of his style, it’s my style, and it’s SUPRA style,” Stevie said. “It was great to see Keelan express himself in the design process and the shoe came out dope.” “Yeah, the shoe is pretty wild,” Keelan said. “I chose the hot-pink because that’s a pretty strong color to be wearing—you gotta have some confidence to be able to pull that shoe off, you know? But, yeah, I just like wild shoes sometimes, crazy colors, just switch up my swag a little bit here and there. And I’ve just been hyped on the whole PRO + AM Collection all year. Since this is the last one, I wanted it to be a banger. I think everyone is gonna be hyped on it.” The PRO + AM Collection’s Keelan Dadd S1W is now available at better skate retailers worldwide, and

Founded in 2006, SUPRA is one of the world’s leading independent footwear brands. SUPRA is recognized for its groundbreaking silhouettes, unique combination of materials, and dynamic color stories. Originally born out of Southern California skateboard culture, SUPRA has remained firmly committed to its roots while also offering distinctive and compelling products to a broad, international audience that includes some of the world’s most recognized celebrities, artists, and athletes.


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