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Salad Days Magazine | July 21, 2024

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UK Hardcore band Imposter share sinister new song ‘Eulogy Of Delusion’

UK Hardcore band Imposter share sinister new song ‘Eulogy Of Delusion’
Salad Days

Announce new LP, ‘Oblivion Opens’, out June 28th on Quality Control HQ.

Brighton, UK outfit Imposter are masters of a sinister brand of heavy hardcore. The band announces their debut album ‘Oblivion Opens’, due out June 28th on Quality Control HQ. You can listen to the stark new single ‘Eulogy Of Delusion’. Formed in 2017, the band has spent the last several years crafting a brooding sound inspired by the likes of Integrity, Ringworm, Bathory with shades of classic NYHC thrown in for good measure. The forthcoming album was recorded in late 2023 with Stanley Gravett at Holy Mountain Studios and mixed by Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Ampere) at Dead Air Studios in MA. ‘Eulogy Of Delusion’ introduces audiences to the darkness they can expect throughout the 11 tracks on the album. The song pulverizes listeners with a wall of blast-beats and angular riffs that support the anguished vocals from lead singer Rory O’Neill. The album deals with deeply personal themes of depression and suicide, pulled directly from O’Neill’s own experiences and explored through different lenses on each track. “After you’ve stared death in the eye nothing’s the same and the world feels like a very different place.” explains O’Neill. “That’s where ‘Oblivion Opens’ comes from. Losing grip on your mortality is primitively terrifying, but life on earth can be much more sickening. I drew the cover art to represent this vision of terror that I faced, based on old depictions of hell by Hieronymous Bosch and Johfra Bosschart.” Imposter has created a masterclass of Negative Hardcore throughout the tracks that make up ‘Oblivion Opens’, turning the unimaginable horrors of life into an sonic offering that will pull listeners directly into the hellish story of the album (artwork by Red King).

Imposter is Rory O’Neill (vocals), Idris Mirza (guitar), Lucas Burtenshaw (Guitar), Sammy Hellride (bass) and Joe McMahon (drums).

‘Oblivion Opens’ Tracklist:


Kings Uncrowned

Tomb Chamber


Infernal Reign

Oblivion Opens (The First Attempt)


Eulogy Of Delusion

The Cell Bound

Funeral March

Barbaric Apparitions of War (Interlude)

Grave Mistake

Only The Few Remain

Photo Credit: Amber Valence

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