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Salad Days Magazine | May 23, 2024

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Africa Hitech new video


Africa Hitech have followed the release of their debut album ’93 Million Miles’ (featuring lead single ‘Out in the Streets’) with a spectacular video vision of a robot-strewn future.
They (renowned producer Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek) cameo in the ‘Out in the Streets’ video directed by Sixty40′s Mark Simpson which you can see right now.

Director, Mark Simpson of Sixty40 explains the concept of the video…
Out In The Streets is about lowly domestic bots around the world choosing suicide over recycling. It uses footage group-sourced from friends-with-cameras around the world as background plates for action to take place on. We placed lovingly animated robots into the world and stitched together the tale of a massive failure of robot batteries causing erratic behaviour in otherwise complacent robots. On the one had, a major PR problem for the robot industry, on the other, a major ontological crisis for the individual robots facing recycling. We worked closely with Africa Hitech to make the track work with the vision and vice versa. While there is robot dancing in the film, it’s not a traditional music video. It’s just a short concept film that works with the music themes. This isn’t totally new by any means, but what makes it really pop is how Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek edited the track and layered a lot of film music score elements to their track to allow the music to meet the film in the middle. The result is something in between very narrative music video and very banging short film.” Africa Hitech‘s debut album ’93 Million Miles’ is out now.

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