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Salad Days Magazine | April 18, 2024

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Arnette snow goggle relaunch

Let’s do it again, baby – the comeback of the Arnette goggles!
When you realize that Arnette was founded in 1992 in a garage in Orange County and already released its first goggle a year later then you see that this kinda corresponds to the birthdates of the guys who nowadays occupy the winner’s podium at snowboard contests. Therefore veterans will not be able to hold back a little sentimental tear while the kids don’t even know a life without Arnette. Cause after a short time-out Arnette is celebrating the winter 2010/11 with the comeback of its snow goggles. Of course a lot has happened since the early 90s and our development team is definitely more then up to date. That’s why we have the newest technology, the best materials and also the best helmet compatibility. Furthermore you still have Arnette’s signature style – but adapted to the (now not so) new millennium, with recognizable styles and rich colors. Same goes for the team which comes with team captain Devun Walsh, an all time hero, as well as new coverboys like Zac Marben, Dustin Craven and Sage Kotsenburg. Arnette goggles are back. Let’s do it again, baby!

The SERIES 3 is a tribute to Arnette’s long lasting goggle tradition and it’s like a stylish vintage car – but one that has the newest engine underneath its hood. Even though the look is clean and classic, the goggle is definitely up to the newest technological standards, and with its dual vented lens does not only protect from sunrays but is also completely fog resistant. The fit is
as perfect as the road holding of a sports car – no matter which terrain. Thanks to the adjustable
straps it fits perfectly onto any helmet and the 16 different varnish variations – sorry, frame
designs, with tons of lens colors definitely speed up your style. Including chrome, of course. And
for a little extra cash you can even have them with changeable lenses. Any more questions?!

Matte Black, Matte White, Ransom White, True Blue W/Black, Cherry Red W/Black, Cool Blue
W/Pinstripes, Blaze Pink W/Pinstripes, Mint Grey W/Pinstripes, Powder Blue W/Skulls, Olive
Green W/Skulls, True Blue Plaid, Kelly Green Plaid, Iron Grey Plaid, Cherry Red Plaid, Grape

Devun Walsh has them. So to ask yourself if they work is like asking Rocky if his boxing gloves worked. Just with the difference that the MERCENARY is full of the newest technology. The spherically formed lenses never mist up but guaranty you a perfect view no matter what the weather is like. The 3-layered foam makes for a perfect fit while the puppy-smooth fleece layer ensures highest comfort when wearing the goggle – it even gets rid of any moisture radiating from the skin – all that with or without helmet. And we won’t even mention the style…Available in 13 colors, for those who like it hard, you should definitely stick to the „Hard Candy“-

Midnight Black, Polished White, Ransom White, Polished White W/Red Zine, Gold W/Gold Zine,
Blaze Pink W/Pink Zine, Powder Blue W/Skulls, Midnight Black W/Skulls, True Blue Plaid, Kelly
Green Plaid, Iron Grey Plaid, Cherry Red Plaid, Raspberry Hard Candy, Tangerine Hard Candy.


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