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Salad Days Magazine | July 20, 2024

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Full stream – Viktor Mora & Naccarati – Next

Viktor Mora & Naccarati – Next (3Plus – 3PLUS110)

1. Sky (Album)
2. Your Love ft. Juliana Barbosa
3. Me and You
4. 601
5. In The Beginning
6. Hug
7. Terraza
8. Love Is The Answer
9. Scottish
10.Step Across The Line
12.Sky (Club Mix)

Release Date: 20th Feb 2012

‘NEXT’ is a project that works and is targeted at many levels. The album explores not just their innate understanding of how to work a dance floor, but also their deft musicality and ability to imbue the music with a depth of feeling. From the big room sound of tracks such as ‘Terrazo’ featuring Fabio Goya, ‘Me & You’ and ‘Your Love’ featuring the outstanding vocals of Juliana Barbosa, to the deeper constructions of tracks like ’601′ and ‘Scottish’, it is their masterfully constructed grooves and nuanced progressions that underlie the album. Drawing lines across house’s extensive history, the two producer’s mould each track not just into a new and unique shape, but also an integral part of the album as a whole. From the old skool keys on ‘Love Is The Answer’ to the jacking groove of ‘Zap’, Mora & Naccarati adroitly give a nod to their influences while creating something wholly new and exciting. With a wealth of experience as well-renowned DJs under their belts, Mora & Nacca have harnessed their combined knowledge of what works and funnelled it into a 13 track masterpiece. Due out globally on the 20th February, please welcome Mora & Naccarati!

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