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Salad Days Magazine | May 25, 2024

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Introducing: Joyce

‘Keep The Lights On’
Joyce releases her debut single, ‘Keep The Lights On’, through Island Records on 30th April 2012.

Joyce is the moniker of 21 year old SW London chanteuse, Katherine Fussey. ‘Keep The Lights On’ is her re-working of a Wave Machines song, transforming the original into a deliciously noirish, electro-pop song. Joyce is born of rock heritage as the niece of Bowie guitarist Mick Ronson and Suzi Fussey (Bowie’s hairdresser and creator of the Ziggy Stardust haircut), and her father was the sound engineer for the likes of Bowie and Roxy Music. Despite these routes naturally pointing to the sound of the 70s, it’s very much the influence of mid-sixties era Nico that shapes the style and vision of Joyce, spun together in a flurry of icy synth-pop. The mystique and allure of Warhol’s muse is a fascination of Joyce’s, and one that features across her overall aesthetic. Discovered online completely at random by Island Records, it was her sumptuous vocal and mystique that initiated a record deal before any live shows were played. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE:

‘Keep The Lights On’ is backed by Clams Casino (A$AP Rocky, Lana Del Ray) and Bayou remixes. An intriguing, exciting young artist.
Keep The Lights On
Keep The Lights On (Clams Casino Remix)
Keep The Lights On (Bayou Remix)

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