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Salad Days Magazine | May 22, 2024

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Mitch Coleborn chosen as 2012 Volcom Fiji Pro Wildcard!

Mitch Coleborn chosen as 2012 Volcom Fiji Pro Wildcard! One remaining local spot yet-to-be determined

The Volcom Fiji Pro is just over a week away from the start of its 13-day waiting period. Mitch Coleborn has been chosen as one of two wildcards, and will be joining the top thirty-four WCT surfers for stop #4 on ASP’s World Championship Tour.
The 25-year-old Australian Mitch Coleborn, a powerful goofy footer from the Sunshine Coast has been in the limelight of surf media for several years, but only recently has stoked a fire within to qualify and compete on the World Championship Tour. It’s time to see Mitch battle the pack of new and veteran ‘CT surfers he is continually compared to. This will be Mitch‘s debut WCT showing, and he is psyched and ready. “Tavarua is one of my favorite places in the world,” says Mitch. “To compete at a world-class wave makes for a really even playing field. Everyone will get sick waves, from the vets to the rookies; it comes down to your surfing and keeps match-ups real fair. I can’t wait.” The remaining wildcard will go to a local surfer who is deemed the overall champion of three separate trial events run by the Fiji Surfing Association (FSA). Two of the three events have already commenced, with the final event taking place in the next week. Local surfers Inia Nakalevu, Isei Tokovou, Aca Raculo and Paul Chonsue are all in close running for the lone wildcard spot, and we’re sure any one of them will be thrilled to represent their home country in front of the world. Swell charts are showing all kinds of red in the South Pacific heading directly for Fiji… this thing can go down straight out the gates. Tune in on June 3rd at For more info on the FSA go to
1740 Monrovia Ave.
Costa Mesa CA USA 92627

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