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Salad Days Magazine | July 14, 2024

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Nike 6.0 Roundhouse ‘WHAT’S HOT?’ – week 3-

Week 03 – Nike 6.0 Roundhouse I ‘WHAT’S HOT?’

We are in just the 3rd week of the Nike 6.0 Roundhouse based in the French hotspot of Hossegor and the engine has started to quick shift up the gears. The week opened as the crew welcomed top Euro WCT rider Michel Bourez. Known as the big brother of the 6.0 team he was straight into the mix checking out the Roundhouse and getting involved in the daily sessions at ‘Les Landes’ as well as bringing everyone up to date with his recent travels.

Out the back of the Roundhouse another full house for the weekly après beach music set, this time for French beat wizards Scenario Rock were the pool side party hustlers. Main producer DVNO also spent much his time working shut away in the house with 6.0 rider Naum Ildefonse pressing buttons and twisting dials, in a music collaboration that gave rise to the track ‘Amigo To The Ritz’ under the name DVNAUM, get it.

A bit of skating was also on the agenda at the local park while everyone waited for the surf to pick up.
If you’re in the area drop by the Roundhouse yourself and get involved in next week’s schedule, if not then just click the link and get some summertime good vibes of your own:

The Roundhouse is part of Nike 6.0‘s efforts to support and contribute to action sports culture around the world. In conjunction with the opening of the Roundhouse in Hossegor, Nike 6.0 has opened a sister location called the Motel No Tell in Huntington Beach, California.

- Sunday 25th of july :
The Nike 6.0 Roundhouse presented MaLikelectric and DJ Skills, two local turntablists based in Hossegor. The off the hook turntable masters warmed up the crowd in preparartion ‘DVNAUM After Beach Party’

- Monday 26th of july :
DVNO and Nike 6.0 rider Naum Ildefonse keep the Roundhouse jumping… as part of the DVNO Beach After Party.

- Tuesday 27th of july :
First things first, get a new board, give it a new sticker job. Lydon Wake gets busy with the vinyl before he breaks in new stick.

- Wednesday 28th of july :
Welcome in the Nic Von Rupp‘s art. Nic showing us his creativity and how he customized his board graphic to make it unique.

- Thursday 29th of july :
The crew are waiting for waves, playing beach volley.

- Friday 30th of july :
Welcome to a typical local ‘feria’ . Follow the team to the popular and unique ‘Fètes de Tyrosse’.

- Saturday 31th of july :
When it’s flat, a perfect alternative can be to enjoy the excitement of a Jet boat session!

Greetings from Hossegor!

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