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Salad Days Magazine | April 20, 2024

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Nikita newsbite november and highlights…

Nikita newsbite november and highlights…

The jingle bells are starting to ring and here’s some more bits from NIKITA to keep you smiling… Below are some highlights and attached is the Newsbite update from November featuring team, events and happenings.

Lisa Filzmoser and her True Color Films buddies have released two out of three movie edits collectively known as ‘Snow Cones and Cotton Candy’. The first part of the trilogy is shot in Japan where you’ve never seen so much powder -

the next stop hits up Canada –

and we’re eagerly awaiting the final part filmed in Europe, due out for release soon.

An injury can be a pretty depressing time but stay positive and take some inspiration from Nikita rider Ana Rumiha. She got the idea to film her rehab process from surgery on her knee to her first day on the snow – “maybe it can help somebody not to be too bummed over a slow down”. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you wanna do something so bad.

It’s time to take cover as the cold snap rears its head and Nikita has an abundance of jackets that will be your best friend this winter. Insulation and faux fur lining certainly help to feel snug so if you’re looking for a clever idea, here are some suggestions; Andvari Jacket, Garuda Blazer, Alberich Down Vest, Aesir Jacket, Airmid Jacket and Anshar Jacket.

After announcing that the LADIES FIRST CHALLENGE 2012 is on, Maude and comrades have released the first teaser, made by Roger Prod
It kicks off 14th January 2012 in THYON, with prize money of CHF 1’500.- for snowboard and CHF 500.- for ski.
Register here –

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