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Salad Days Magazine | July 18, 2024

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Savage Skulls – No.1 Spot EP (Enchufada)

Savage Skulls – No.1 Spot EP (Enchufada)

Stockholm party-starters Carli Löf and Måns Glaeser joined forces to form Savage Skulls, injecting some much-needed tropical booty-shaking vibes in to Swedish nightlife. They pride themselves on their particular brand of high-octane, slick and off-the-wall club tracks, bringing together heavy techno beats with a Jamaican dancehall flavor to create a refreshingly fun outlook on electronic club music. We were so impressed with their debut EP ‘Bumps’ on Switch’s label, Dubsided, as well as their collaborations with Crookers on ‘Crookers Presents Dr. Gonzo’ and Douster for the Mad Decent single ‘Bad Gal’ that we knew we had to work with them. After contributing to the fourth ‘Hard Ass Sessions’ volume with a bass-heavy French Fries collaboration named Marawa, it’s now time for a fully-fledged single release on Enchufada with two huge tunes that are sure to bring the ruckus to your favorite club. The first track is called ‘No 1 Spot’ and it’s replete with restless, fidgety synths, infectious pitch-shifted vocal loops and pounding drums in trademark fashion. Led by the winding Africanized drum shuffle, this upfront club track comes correct with infectious grooves, tight riffs and crescendoing hand-in-the-air climaxes that deliver the bass fuelled goods.

‘Lorimer’ is the second banger on the EP and it doesn’t waste any time in making a b-line for the peak time dancefloor. The Swedish duo spring into action again, defying expectations and cranking the energy up even further. Kuduro-infuenced drums and an epic synth line come together to form a chaotic dancefoor bomb, sure to inspire chaos on dance floors. Expect this electrifying tune to turn up the heat on the wildest parties out there.

Enchufada‘s brand new single showscases Savage Skulls at their best, doing what they love to do most: making bodies move. And move they shall when the duo’s globalized beats and fever-inducing synths work their magic on a pumped-up crowd. If you don’t believe us just take a listen to the ‘No 1 Spot’ EP and you’ll see just how quickly you’ll be ready to hit the clubs. Savage Skulls ‘No.1 Spot’ video

DJ Feedback

Brodinski – 5/5 love it! congrats boys!
Roska – 5/5 loving the vibes on this ep
Crookers – 5/5
Schlachthofbronx – 4/5 qualiteeeee!
Kry Wolf – 4/5 love these boys!
Toy Selectah – 4/5 Lorimer could work perfect on my sets !!! actually #1 spot too!
The Captain – 5/5 Lorimer is my favourite

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