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Salad Days Magazine | July 22, 2024

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Thanks, news, festivals, summer fun, next tours, El Gato Loco, all in one!—-> MC&tBH Summer

Thanks, news, festivals, summer fun, next tours, El Gato Loco, all in one!—-> MC&tBH

With a “little” delay, we’d like to thank everyone involved in our latest European tour. Promoters, club owners, friends who housed us, friends who helped us in any way, or that just came to our shows, and of course our roadie/tour manager/soundguy/formula1 driver/photographer Felicc BaGgio. It has been a really good one…15 shows in 15 days…too many memories, kilometers, problems, crazy adventures, crazy food…Hopefully there will be a videoclip about this all, out, one day…So, safe at home, but not for long. We’re goin to play some FESTIVALS during this summer, starting from the awesomeness of the HOUSE OF ROCK one, in Moss, Norway! Fleshtones, Yum Yums, Nomads, Kepi Ghoulie, Caroline & the Treats, and many many many more!! And then the TROUBLEZINE FESTIVAL in Monza (with one of our all-time favorites, ASH !!), ROCKISLAND (thanks to Bomboclat!), RADIO ONDA D’URTO (supporting Frank Turner!) PLUS, thanks to our friends at Doppiozero Booking, we’re goin to fly south for a 10 days tour….only in Sicily!! Does all that fish will be enough to fee us ?! Whoa!! After all this ramblin’, we decided to tour some more, this time in France, Belgium, Netherlands and…UK!! This will be probably happening between october and november, booked by Kill City Booking (so, if you wanna help us with this, you can contact Francois at Later on, we’ll be supporting Paul Collins’ Beat in his first german tour…Oh, for who of you lookin for something no-trendy-at-all to wear this summer, we do also have some new t-shirts, printed by Corpocavernoso Silkscreens, pride of Barcella‘s hometown, Sarnico!! You can see some of them here and ask us about them here:
BUT, what about NEW STUFF ?! Well, we do have some new songs (wich we’re already playin live since some time…) and tons of crazy ideas, and we’re probably gonna try to record them soon. Don’t know “when”, fon’t know “for what”…maybe for a single for the next tour, or maybe for the next album…(if you got suggestions / offers, just get in contact…) The only thing we know is that we’re SOOOO EXCITED about this new material, and just playin it live is making us happier than ever! So here they are, THE NEXT SHOWS:

11/06 SAT – House of Rock Festival – Moss (NO) (with Yum Yums, Fleshtones, Kepi Ghoulie…)
17/06 FRI – Edonè – Bergamo (with The Midwest Beat)
18/06 SAT – Troublezine Festival – Monza (with Ash, Leeches, Tough…)
03/07 SUN – RockIsland – Bottanuco (BG)
08/07 FRI – Barbara Beach – Catania
10/07 SUN – - Lebowsky – Marina di Ragusa (RG)
12/07 TUE – Lido Orsinus Orca – Messina
14/07 THU – Bocadillo – Trapani
15/07 FRI – Winner Pub – Caltanissetta
17/07 SUN – Kaos Bar – Niscemi (CT)
05/08 FRI – Shake Club – La Spezia
06/08 SAT – Loop Club – Portorecanati (Mc)
10/08 THU – BaccoTabacco – Fara Vicentino (VI)
15/08 MON – Festival di Radio Onda D’Urto – Brescia (with Frank Turner, Caso)

Con “breve” ritardo, ci teniamo a ringraziare tutte le persone coinvolte nel nostro tour europeo “appena” terminato. Promoter, proprietari di locali, amici che c’hanno dato rifugio per la notte, amici che c’hanno prestato soccorso/aiutato in ogni possibile modo, o che semplicemente sono venuti ai concerti…Menzione speciale, totalmente meritata, per il nostro roadie/tour manager/tecnico del suono/pilota di formula1/fotografo Felicc BaGgio. E’ stato un bellissimo tour…15 date in 15 giorni…troppi ricordi, chilometri percorsi, momenti di difficolt

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