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Salad Days Magazine | April 18, 2024

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The Atlantic Cup


Alongside the official UEFA Euro 2012, from June 11th till the 13th, some of the best snowboarders have decided to settle it down in Anglet and fight for the soon to be famous snowboard soccer tournament named The Atlantic cup trophy. Bets are open, what nation will bring the title home? No one really care about the trophy but teams are looking forward to getting the chance to brag for a year in case they win. “Stade de la girouette” in Anglet will be the battlefield, and soccer will be the game. THE ATLANTIC CUP is a good excuse for fellow snowboarders to gather once the season is over to spend good time, have fun, surf occasionally and meet up with media after long months of trash talking.
“Can’t wait to work out on our tan and kick some french asses” – Kalle
“I’m so excited” – Wet Leigh
“We’re going to rule the world, again” – LUDSCHI
“Do we play with the hands or feet?” – Jamie Nicholls
“Where’s the ice?” – Markku Koski
“They called me the Spanish Fly when I was younger” – Soren Manzoni
“Is there a lot of free beers?!” – Sani Alibabic

This event is also an excuse for the riders in the winning team to give away the prize money (rider’s subscription’s fee) to the charity of their choice. Regarding the stars, multiples world champions, TTR, FIS, Olympic medalist, X Games winner and plenty of other talented dudes will join the event. Here are few names for each nations.
Suisse: Nicolas Müller, Iouri Podlachikov, Romain De Marchi, etc…
Autriche: Gigi Rüf, Marco Feichtner, Steve Gruber etc…
UK: Jamie Nicholls, James Stentiford etc…
Suède: Kalle Ohlson, Chris Sorman, Jonas Carlsson Kevin Backstrom etc…
Espagne: Iker Fernandez, Dani Sastre, Oscar Valencia etc…
Hollande: Cheryl Maas, David Van Gessel, Augustinus,etc…
Finlande: Markku Koski etc…
Rest of the world: Gjermund Braaten, Austin Smith, Brian Craighill, Ethan Morgan etc…
The host country will also present a strong field with Mathieu Crépel, Xavier De Le Rue, Arthur Longo, Enzo Nilo, Sylvain Bourbousson, Olivier Gittler, Aluan Ricciardi, Gérôme Mathieu etc…On site, pictures and footage will be captured by H05 crew to feed medias who couldn’t come, with lifestyle and actions shoot during the event and
also a video edit and a selection of raw footy after the event. Comp planning is the following:

Sunday, June 10th: Opening party and team presentation with heat draw
Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th: qualification rounds
Wednesday 13th: final stage of the tournament
Wednesday Evening: closing party at Beach House

Useful addresses:
Stade de la girouette, Rue de Juzan, Anglet, France
Beach House, avenue des dauphins, Anglet (accross office du tourisme @ chambre d’amour)

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