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Salad Days Magazine | July 21, 2024

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Tours tours tours! Engineer Records news

Tours tours tours! Engineer Records news

So what is going on in the world of Engineer Records I hear you cry, well…

Kyoto Drive have returned from their hugely successful tour across the UK and EU with two extremely popular bands Paige and The Morning Of (US). We are very happy to have them back in their homeland and are already planning their next tour this autumn – do not miss out! They have t shirts and CDs for sale too but not many left from the tour so go here quick. Their video for ‘So Much Alive’ is still doing the rounds strongly on Kerrang and LavaTV. Call Off The Search, the punk rockers from Kent, are back to their old tricks again. They are at this moment in the studio cracking out some fine rock tunes for all your ears to be pleasuring over! A video and tour shall be following soon to accompany these new tracks. However in the meantime their video for ‘Train Yourself To Drive In Colour’ is soon to be hitting nationwide music channels. The Satellite Year are the pop rocking kings of Germany! Their album ‘Mission: Polarlights’ is smashing through the major magazines and cooler zines and picking up extremely high scores in reviews. The boys are preparing for a UK and EU tour this autumn so keep your eyes peeled! Speaking of eyes their music video is being shot at this second and the screenshots have left us all very excited! It really will put The Minority Report to shame. Exciting times are ahead for us all at Engineer Records, we can’t tell you everything yet but the word ‘make-over’ comes to mind, that is all you shall know for now. Our YouTube channel is going strong but we are ALWAYS looking for more subscribers as we are CONSTANTLY adding more and more rocking videos, so sign up now so you don’t miss out. – Speaking of YouTube we URGE you to check out what we think is the best YouTube channel going – BlankTV, excellent music, excellent videos and excellent people! – Mikee J Reds is back from his UK acoustic emo-goodness tour with Jonah Matranga for a second time and is now readying himself after their split EP ‘Countrysides‘ to go back to the studio to record for a future release. The video for ‘Living Well’ is still going strong on Lava TV and a brand new track will soon be appearing on a compilation with many big names. Setting The Woods On Fire, those husky men of Poland, have gone through to the final of a battle of the bands in their homeland to win the great opportunity of playing at the huge T Mobile Festival!
Thanx4AllTheShoes, our Italian fellows, are heading off to Russia during August to hit all the best stages with their punk rock hardcore ways so if you want to head east. Nikson are at it again, back on the road where they belong, this time in their native Hungary pushing the barriers of pop-punk-rock! Please get in touch for gigs, interviews, reviews, airplay, news, etc and work with us and our great bands. Now go sign up to our YouTube for free vids!
Thanks again from all at Engineer Records.

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