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Salad Days Magazine | April 14, 2024

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Volcom Stone’s Pufferfish Surf Series – Banyans/Pohoiki, Big Island, HI

Volcom Stones Pufferfish Surf Series Pohoiki, Big Island

The Pufferfish Big Island event goes off! The forecast was looking pretty grim for Banyans so we were forced to move the comp to the beautiful and consistent Pohoiki, on the East side of the Island. The word spread quickly, and Saturday morning was packed. The waves were a rippable 2-3 feet and it was on! Despite the morning glare and downpours the Groms were ready to hit the water.

Green whipping out the tail on a solid left hander!

For Kona’s Loa Ng the two-hour trip was well worth it. He won the action packed Grom final, narrowly defeating last years defending champ and Pohoiki favorite, Ulu Napeahi, who did a huge turn in the final to take home $100 for the ELECTRIC VOLT THROWER move of the day. Charley Akau, of Kona put on an impressive performance and earned himself a qualifying spot and a huge back of goodies as well.

Tai towering over the Groms on their way to some complimentary grinds!

Pohoiki’s rugged coastline might have scared off a few of the Squids, but the little dudes that did show up were on point. 9-year-old Brodie Sale came out on top for the second year in a row, surprising no one. This kid is on another level and will definitely be attending VQS Champs. Dylan Frazzman killed it as well and finished out in second and scooped up grip of prizes. Ocean Donaldson, Pelika Delovio rounded out the Squids final.

Soleil Farnsworth grabbing a little rail on his way to a respectable 3rd place and a spot a VQS champs!

The Junior was stacked as usual, and only one Kona warrior made the final. Lahiki Minamishin made the drive worth it, netting himself $250 from MUSCLE MILK with his win. Local boy Kiko Napeahi was ripping all day, but fell short when he ran into Lahiki in the final. Gage Lodon got third and still walked with all kinds of stuff, as did Dylan Kowalski, Ben Lord and Kaleo Raicevie.

The Squids killed it all day and were all smile during the awards!

The Girls had a couple stacked heats too, and also saw a battle between Hilo and Kona. But this time the local came out on top. Shruti Kartik has Pohoiki wired, and it showed in the tough conditions at Pohoiki in the finals. Daniel Marvin got 2nd over another local favorite Manu Napeahi. Tianna McGuire finished out over Gia Fontanay and Chloe Keliihoomalu.

White demonstrating the layed back Hawaiian style!

As usual, The Pro-Am final was super stacked with the four of the best guys from all around the Islands, and two outer Island former Pufferfish Champs. When it was all over it was Robert Patterson taking the $500 and bragging rights back to Honolii for the year. Kainoa Hauanio, Solei Farnsworth, took the next two qualifying spots for Champs. Shelton Paccaro, Na Ryan, and Charlie Carrol, rounded out the Pro-Am final.

The waves were fun and playful all day, leading to turns like this!

Kids loving the promo toss, just look at those faces!

Charlie Carrol showing a little backside flair!

Jonah Morgan digging the rail like a mad man!

Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors:

Robert Patterson surfed his way to $500.00 and the win!

1. Robert Patterson – $500.00
2. Kainoa Hauanio
3. Soleil Farnsworth
4. Shelton Paccaro
5. Na Ryan
6. Charlie Carroll

1. Lahiki Minamishin – $250.00 Muscle Milk
2. Kiko Napeahi
3. Gage Loondon
4. Dylan Kowalski
5. Ben Lord
6. Kaleo Raicevie

1. Loa Ng
2. Ulu Napeahi
3. Charlie Akau
4. Hunter Johnson
5. Josh Budroe
6. Aukai Keliikule

1. Shruti Kartik
2. Danielle Marvin
3. Manu Napeahi
4. Tianna McGuire
5. Gia Fontanay
6. Chloe Keliihoomalu

1. Brodie Sale
2. Dylan Frazzman
3. Ocean Donaldson
4. Pelica De Lovio
5. Makana Frazzmann

Electric Volt Thrower
Ulu Napeahi – $100.00

All Photos provided by Shaun Pila

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Costa Mesa CA USA 92627

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