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Salad Days Magazine | July 14, 2024

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Volcom’s 2011 VQS Greatwhite Surf Series – Santa Cruz, Ca

Volcom’s 2011 VQS Greatwhite Surf Series – Santa Cruz, Ca

We awoke in the morning on Saturday with the energy from the pre-party flowing through our veins and our uncontrolled excitement to kick off the last Greatwhite Surf Series of the year. We pulled up to the Hook only to be disappointed that the waves were 1-2 foot and miserable. However, thanks to some planning ahead we were able switch venues and run just over yonder at 26th Ave. The waves were a solid 4-6 feet, and with the help of offshore winds all day we were in for one of the best events of the year. With nearly 150 crazed, drooling competitors signed up, it was time to get these gremlins in the water. Here are some standouts from the day’s action.

The Squids division went off like it has all year! The standout of the year in Nor Cal was Wyatt Walter and he didn’t disappoint. Wyatt won his third event of the season and a grip of prizes from Volcom, Chipotle, and Electric. The Girls had a great showing with some heavy hitters from the area. When it was all said and done it was the traveling circus, Jenna Balester taking home first. The Groms just seem to get better and better at each event and this time it was Cole Walter taking first and a bad ass Team Associated RC Truck for his efforts. Kent Nishiya has been doing these events since the invention of sliced bread and being a Junior now it’s a pleasure to finally hand him some cash as he took down the #1 spot and $250.00 compliments of Muscle Milk. The Pro dudes had a heavy hitting field as they always do in Santa Cruz. Jason “Ratboy” Collins surfed like a crazy person all day but fell short in the finals. He didn’t leave empty handed though, stomping one of his patented airs earlier in the day and pocketed the Volt Thrower move of the event and $100.00. Jimmy Herrick‘s backhand attack was on fire and he carried the momentum right into the final earning himself the $500.00 and 1,000 points towards qualifying for VQS Champs!

With the wind switching around midday and blowing offshore it made for some draining peaks up and down the beach.

Here Brad Fox lays down some rail in the Pro-Am final, he finished off the day in a respectable 3rd place.

Lots fun at the Greatwhite events. Check out Cole Walter and TEAM ASSOCIATED RC Trophy Truck getting all the attention from the ladies after winning the Grom final!

1. Jimmy Herrick – $500.00
2. Marco Foreman
3. Brad Fox
4. Dylan McCarthy
5. Jeremy Scribner
6. Jason Collins

1. Kent Nishiya – $250.00 Muscle Milk
2. Deva Kane
3. Harrison Adler
4. Nate Leal
5. Tyler Mortenson
6. Jackson Newel

1. Cole Walter
2. Wayatt Barabee
3. Adam Bloomer
4. Wilem Banks
5. Xica Hansen
6. Richie Schmidt

1. Wyatt Walter
2. Santiago Hart
3. EJ Bright
4. Olin Borgeson
5. Sam Coffee
6. Savannah Keller

1. Jenna Balester
2. Bo Stanley
3. Carly Wilson
4. Cassidy Wehesner
5. Savannah Shaunessy
6. Cloe Buckley

Electric Volt Thrower
1. Jason “Ratboy” Collins – $100.00

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