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Salad Days Magazine | April 20, 2024

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Volcom’s 2012 PBRJ Tour – Stop #1: Sierra at Tahoe, CA

The Peanut Butter and Rail Jam Tour set it’s hook deep in the lip of 2012! The first catch took place on Saturday, January 7th at Sierra at Tahoe. It was not an easy day for fishing. The winds were howling but that didn’t stop the hundreds of competitors that came out to throw down for a piece of the PBRJ glory.

Back 3 out of the cannon

This year’s contest consisted of a long down tube, a down-flat-down tube, and a “cannon” to barrel bonk. We soon came to know why they referred to this pole jam as a cannon. Competitors were blasting casual 30 foot airs out and over the barrel.

Randy Rocket locking into a boardslide

Josh Douglas blasting a massive frontside 180 melon!

If there were any doubts that 15 and under division could handle the cannon, they were quickly put to rest. The Sierra patronage were privy to bare witness to an onslaught of tweaks, 180s, and 3s being blasted out of the cannon. Liam Loftis did work on the down tube and impressed all with a backside 180 swivel to 270 out earning him 2nd place. It was Josh Douglas who clamed victory with a front 3 out of the cannon and a switch 270 gap to the down section of the kinked rail.

Jordan Niel with a clean back lip through the kink

With the standard set high, it was time for the 16 and over division to take the stage. They didn’t disappoint either, this is where we saw some beautiful front boardslides through the kink, back flips out of the cannon, and 360s out of the down tube. It was Jordan Welter that took home first but Griffin Lancaster and Paul Aloisi were nipping at his heels and took home 2nd and 3rd respectively. Good show gentlemen.

Fancy press to front 180 out

Tweaking it out there!

The ladies were up next and if you wanna talk about an exciting aspect of snowboarding, let’s talk about women’s progression. These girls are stepping it up. Julianne Brackett got everyone’s attention when she sent the biggest air of the day out of the cannon. Not to mention she was sending it backside 180! This and a front board 270 out of the down tube secured a 3rd place finish. Fancy Rutherford took home 2nd place and long time PBRJ veteran Becky Bruce locked down 1st. Check the video for Becky‘s nose press to back 180 out on the down tube! Excited to see what these ladies will bring to the Champs.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Gap back lip

MFM made an appearance. Naw, that’s just Andy Blanchard.

We ended the day with the largest and most diverse division; with over 50 Open competitors and representing all corners of the earth. Rider’s hailing from places like Argentina, Switzerland, Vermont, Iowa, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Nevada, Minnesota, and of course California. Serious representation. They must have heard about the $20,000 championships in Mammoth. Rising from the wind scoured slopes it was the kid from Colchester, Vermot that took home gold. Sawyer Deen not only took first at this year’s PBRJ he also won Electric’s Gooeyest Move of the Event.; $300 bucks and a ton of gear. Not a bad days work. Congrats Mr. Deen!

Getting with it! 270 in and 270 out!

A huge thanks goes out to the peeps at Sierra for hosting this year’s PBRJ. Katie Hunter, Misty, Doug Mercer, Benny, and the rest of the terrain park staff were all champions for all their hard work with making this year’s PBRJ a success. We’d also like to thank Jake Devine, Brian Neri, and Volcom’s Brendon Drury for judging and taking care of business like the true professionals they are. We are also very grateful to have had Chris Martinez and Electric’s Amber Attebery helping out. We couldn’t have done it without you. Last but not least we’d like to thank our additional tour sponsors for the extra stoke they bring to the contest.


15 & Under:
1st: Joshua Douglas
2nd: Liam Loftis
3rd: Quinntin Butler
4th: Graham Haley
5th: Denver Orr

16 & Over:
1st: Jordan Welter
2nd: Griffin Lancaster
3rd: Paul Aliosi
4th: Chris Coates
5th: Andy Blanchard

Girls Division:
1st: Rebecca Bruce
2nd: Fancy Rutherford
3rd: Julianne Brackett
4th: Claire Hewitt-Demeyer
5th: Tasha Sagucka

Open Division:
1st: Sawyer Deen ($250)
2nd: Eric Royce ($150)
3rd: Justin Mullen ($100)
4th: Scott Hoffman
5th: Austin Bayless

Electric’s “Gooeyest Move of the Day”: Sawyer Deen!

1740 Monrovia Ave.
Costa Mesa CA USA 92627

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