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Salad Days Magazine | April 18, 2024

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Volcom’s Updated Kickflip-Off Competition – $20,000 Up For Grabs!

Volcom’s Updated Kickflip-Off Competition – $20,000 Up For Grabs!

After much debate, Volcom has awarded Zoltan Torkos $10,00 for pulling off the first kickflip on a surfboard and has upped the stakes to $20,000 for the first surfer who nails it “above and off” the lip. Check out this video below and make sure you click over to the Kickflip-Off YouTube page where you can see all of the attempts throughout the years.


Volcom is giving away $20,000 to the first person that can land a “proper” kickflip while surfing! By proper we mean an “above and off the lip” kickflip where first you bottom turn, launch an air, use your front foot to flip the board, and then land on it and ride out cleanly. No chop hops, backwash, fingerflips, grabs or laybacks. Just a proper kickflip. We’re going to be strict on these following guidelines. The rules are all listed here, so get out there and put this trick in the history books. Good luck!

1. Your entry must be on video from the start of the trick through the ride out. No photos allowed.
2. This competition is open to everyone. The competition begins today and will run until there’s a winner.
3. The kickflip must be a proper air that begins from a bottom turn, is launched off the lip and travels above the wave. No backwash, No chop hops, or anything in the flats, from the wave face, or below the lip of the wave.
4. All waves must be self caught – You must paddle into the wave. This means NO tow-ats, step-offs, jetskis, boats, dinghys, winches, canoes, oars, helicopters, dolphins or assistance of any kind.
5. No grabs of any kind. Not before, not after, not during.
6. You must completely “ride out” of the kickflip. That means if you land on the back of the wave and fail to continue surfing the wave – it’s not a make!
7. No heelflips. Or else we’d have called it the Heelflip-Off.
8. No shoes. Who surfs in shoes anyway? Regular “made for surfing” booties are acceptable.
9. You must be riding a real surfboard with at least one fin. No boogie boards, softboards, wakeboards, wakeskates, skimboards, kiteboards, trays etc.

1740 Monrovia Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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