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Salad Days Magazine | July 21, 2024

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VQS Catfish Surf Series – Aviones, Puerto Rico

VQS Catfish Surf Series – Aviones, Puerto Rico

We arrived early Saturday morning to the sound of pouring rain and howling wind. So we zipped our raincoats, had a little pep talk and got to work. As the rain passed it was time to kick-off the Catfish surf series at Aviones in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico with fun 3-5 foot surf. The competitors mobbed the sign up tent and when it was all said and done we were left with about 150 competitors ready to battle it out for the prizes, cash, and valuable VQS Champs qualifying spots.

The first day went off without a hitch with warm weather and great surf. The kids made it rain ketchup and mayonnaise all over the beach as the competitors chewed their way through the first rounds in all divisions. Here are some of day one standouts: In the Pro-am division Nick Rupp made quick work with a couple of 8′s and some crazy man-child turns. Lief Engstrom all the way from Long Island, NY was going huge and with big frontside air reverse early and looked to be in the running for the Electric Volt Thrower Move of the event.

Brian Toth flying through the universe on his way to winning 200,000 pennies!

Day two was epic, but with conditions a little more challenging, the competitors had their work cut out for them. Here are some of the standouts from the finals. The Squids division was amazing, these little dudes were all about the fun and didn’t even care that they were competing. Jorge Martinez proved worthy of the victory getting up on his own and cruising with style and grace. The Girls division had three first round heats jam packed with talent. When the fat lady sang it was Maria Kusmovich who beat out the competition and sealed her spot at VQS champs. The Groms in PR are at another level. This was easily one of the closest finals to go down this season. Billy Mcgarry and Mauricio Diaz battled like no other and in the end Billy couldn’t find the back-up he needed and left the door open for Mauricio, who would grab first and a grip of goodies. The Juniors division was a one man show from the mini human Noah Schwiezer. He took the early lead and never looked back as he scooped up the $250.00 provided by Muscle Milk in the process. The Pro-Am division was loaded with talent from all over the East Coast, having 12 first round heats of competition. However, local hero Brian Toth stepped up in the final and left the beach $2,000.00 richer. Thanks for everyone that made this happen and we will see y’all next year!

The Squids love to be around the energy on the beach and would almost rather spend their time covered in ketchup and mustard on the beach then in the water! Weird…

The kids will always have fun when there is a huge bouncy ball you can get inside!

Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors:

Nick Rupp killed it all day and took a solid 4th place finish.

The crowded beach gathered in anticipation of who would take home the $2000 cash!.

1. Brian Toth – $2000.00
2. Ale Moreda
3. Eduardo Roure
4. Nick Rupp
5. Otto Flores
6. Jorge Rivera

1. Noah Schwiezer – $250.00 Muscle Milk
2. Bryan Laide
3. Ricardo Luche
4. Christian Rivera
5. Christian Castillo
6. Jordan Heaselgrove

1. Mauricio Diaz
2. Billy Mcgarry
3. Stevie Pittman
4. Evan Moll
5. Taylor Penfield
6. Devon Vasquez

1. Jorge Martinez
2. Gian Carlo Mendez
3. Max Torres
4. Sage Katz
5. Shaquille Reynosa
6. Joaguin Vililla

1. Maria Kusmovich
2. Kelley Ann Laide
3. Natalie Perez
4. Elizibeth Hanser
5. Roca De La Cruz
6. Jolaris Carreras

Electric Volt Thrower
1. Ale Moreda – $100.00

All photos provided by Logan Sean Bowls.
1740 Monrovia Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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