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Salad Days Magazine | August 11, 2020

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Salad Days

Experimental short documentary with Andy Criere, directed by Adrian Rodd.

The eco of childhood memories fill the space of our present intensely. A recorder is useful to walk through our past. ‘Sound Of Surfing’ is a reunion of Andy with the expectations he had about himself when he was a child. The persecution of a marine living with a fanciful character creates a bound with a past time in which the energies to find a place in the world hurriedly and the discords with our dreams lay down. Dreams that finally come true but, in a way, kill the fantasy. Dreams that, precisely, by coming true stop being dreams.

‘Sound Of Surfing’ is a film about the need to back up, stop and take distances. It is an experimental short film about the surfer Andy Crière. It shows a break in the middle of the training season’s frenzy. Filmed in Hendaye, his home city and Hondarribia, a village where he also feels he belongs to with all his family, and other different parts of the Basque Country, it is an introspection moment in which Andy intends to travel the past ans the present.

Ph. @ginesdiaz

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