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Salad Days Magazine | January 31, 2023

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Bent Metal Binding Works adds Ryan Paul to the Team

Bent Metal Binding Works adds Ryan Paul to the Team
Salad Days

No more magnets for RP!

Bent Metal Binding Works is proud to officially announce Ryan Paul to the BMBW team! Ryan Paul, or RP, is a boundless source of ideas and energy. This zany earthling cannot be held back by the laws of physics. Coming out of Minnesota (as many of the world’s best rail riders do), Ryan separated himself from the pack with fearless flips and a generally wild (or zany, if you will) disposition. Winning rail jams and filming insane video parts is second nature to Ryan, who’s riding style seems to be derived from future times, future civilizations, and possibly another planet. His latest offering in Think Thank’s “The Weather Outside is Weather” is snowboard control and commitment on another level; it’s pure energy harnessed and pushed out as snowboard tricks for all of us to enjoy.


Known to get weird, Ryan has been seen affixing Tail Devils to his board, riding plastic Toys R Us boards, and has even dabbled in the power of magnets as bindings. Well, there’s no need for the magnets or the @frankenbinding Instagram account anymore because RP is strapped up with BMBW Transfers! Stoked to have Ryan ripping with BMBW and to offer him a solid platform of Flex Control Drive Plates (Mervin Made) that his limitless energy and talent can flip off of. See RP talking shop about his personal set up and all things BMBW in his reveal video playing now at

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