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Salad Days Magazine | January 24, 2022

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Cancel History | Volcom 90′s Capsule Collection

Cancel History | Volcom 90′s Capsule Collection
Salad Days

They say you have to know the past to understand the present. For Volcom, that’s easy because have been documenting their exploits since day one.

Through film, photos, music, and art, the story of their past is perfectly preserved. The people, places, and moments that shaped this brand will never fade. And in the spirit of today’s team riders, the legacy lives on. Led by committed riders continually charging forward, the evolution of Volcom continues. But when the Volcom movement began back in 1991, surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding were not mainstream pursuits; they were fringe subculture—outcast and underground, powered from within by the energy of youth. And Volcom was right there, with a raw, DIY approach to everything they made; a middle finger flipped proudly at the status quo. From his inception, Volcom was the first to combine surf, skate, and snow in one brand. It was about inclusion and attitude. Progression. Expression. Fun. It was: Youth Against Establishment. And Volcom grew as the embodiment of that ideal.


With the Cancel History capsule collection, Volcom pay respect to those punk rock roots and give a nod to the 90s with a selection of 100% cotton tees featuring classic Volcom logos. The designs are simple and direct: iconic vintage wordmarks and logos printed on shirts in bold, period-correct colors as well as basic black and white. In a word: timeless. And forever, true to this.

The Cancel History collection:


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