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Salad Days Magazine | April 17, 2024

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Aabe x Obey Blankets

Aabe x Obey Blankets
Salad Days

OBEY is proud to have worked with heritage Dutch blanket maker AaBe to produce a series of blankets.

Able to merge in both classic and seasonal graphics into this Dutch household staple from yesteryear and are well proud of the fact they let us do an OBEY flip on their iconic label. All three designs are limited to 250 pieces and will be exclusively available through flagships and web stores.


AaBe is one of the oldest names in the textile industry in the Netherlands and has been producing blankets since 1811. In 2009 they started a partnership with a textile mill in North Italy, a territory known worldwide for its textile tradition. This North Italian mill does everything in house; spinning and dyeing of the yarn, weaving and finishing the fabric and finally the controlling and confection. Most of the raw materials used have a 100% natural origin—the wool from the shearing of sheep (or goat in the case of Kashmir) living free in an uncontaminated and not chemically treated. The origin of the raw materials is certified with the countries of origin and, according to the various types, they are mainly: New Zealand, Australia and Mongolia. The dyeing and finishing process is environment friendly.

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