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Salad Days Magazine | April 20, 2024

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adidas Skateboarding introduces Kevin Lowry

adidas Skateboarding introduces Kevin Lowry
Salad Days

If someone was being described as the Canadian skateboarder with one hell of a clean refined style and motivation like no other, who else could they possibly be talking about other than Kevin Lowry.

This countryside born, Calgary living Canadian with a passion for travel and an insane composure for producing perfect lines often at speed, joins the ranks of the International adidas Skateboard team. Canada, US, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus are the backdrops to Kevin’s edit, filmed by Chris Mulhern, Torsten Frank and Dan Wolfe and edited by Chris Mulhern. his is Kevin’s third video part this year after his Transworld Skateboarding part and ‘The Eleventh Hour’. This video is published at the same time as the new Fall/holiday 2013 collection is available, so once you’ve watched the edit don’t forget to check out the new footwear and apparel at

Kevin is a unique individual, he looks really grumpy but he’s actually a lot of fun. His skating is as unique as his personality, whenever we’re skating a spot Kevin will always be around the corner finding something to ollie over. A lot of people don’t understand his skating; it looks simple at first but when you look at the spots he skates it actually pretty amazing.’ Silas Baxter Neal

Kevin is a quiet powerhouse who loves coffee, fags and travelling the world. He‘s defo one of the most motivated people that I know and his switch tres are next level!! Hahaha!‘ Chewy Cannon

“My favourite part of filming this edit was going to Philadelphia with Chris Mulhern. It was just the two of us skating every day for ten days. It was super simple; we got along really well and had the same visual ideas and then it was just a case of skating till late every day with the locals. A perfect set up.” Kevin Lowry

adidas Skateboarding is committed to building and providing superior product for the core skateboarder. Launched in 2006, adidas Skateboarding is dedicated to footwear and apparel designed by skateboarders for skateboarders.

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