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Salad Days Magazine | May 22, 2024

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Atypical X TheArsenale // Motus Capsule Collection

Atypical X TheArsenale // Motus Capsule Collection
Salad Days

TheArsenale and Atypical are proud to present the “Motus Capsule Collection”.

A collection of skateboards, with the aim to blend the vast world of automotive and mobility, expressing it in a unique way. The inspiration is taken mostly from the vintage liveries of racing cars, mixed with geometrical pattern, to create a unique color scheme that is beautifully hand-painted on the boards.


The “Motus Capsule Collection” is composed by 4 skateboards: Forest, Midnight, Petroleum and Pure Black. The names are related with colors and the background used to create them. The first three present a similar geometrical pattern outlined by a white line and with an opposition between a dark and a bright color. Forest is painted with dark green and bright yellow, Midnight is night blue and orange and Petroleum presents the opposition between blue and light blue. The last one, Pure Black, made with two different black paints: acrylic and water based color to create a different opposition. In this one the white lines create an A that represent the identity of both brands.


This collaboration is a mirroring of the world of motion, intertwined with the craftsmanship of Atypical. As a result, this capsule offers a very unique and quality experience for people that are looking to ride something different and exclusive. There are only three models for Forest, Midnght and Petroleum and just one for Pure Black for a total of 10 pieces.


Surf the City!

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