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Salad Days Magazine | May 30, 2024

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Blind X2 Vision interview with Bill Weiss

Blind X2 Vision interview with Bill Weiss
Salad Days

Blind X2 Vision Interview with Bill Weiss

SD: You just had the Blind video ‘Damn…’ come out last year, how did ‘X2 Vision’ come about?
BW: With the team we are always out skating and filming (even when we were editing ‘Damn…’) At first, there wasn’t a set plan, but after about six months I was amazed at how much footage TJ and Yuri had stacked up… I started to think about doing a video with those two guys exclusively. I spoke to them about the idea and they were super down; things really took off from there…

SD: Why did you decided to call it ‘X2 VISION’?
BW: I was thinking of stuff that had to do with two’s and one thing that came naturally to me was having double vision from being wasted. I started thinking more about it and I liked the thought of how when you’re really buzzed sometimes your eyes cross and you see double…I thought that could make for a cool concept visually with tow skaters and then shared the idea with Mike Manzoori and he nailed it!


SD: Your last video was also with Mike Manzoori, and it was really sick!! Did you have him in mind when you decided to make this video as well?
BW: Absolutely. Mike and I have been friends for a long; I’m a huge fan of his work behind the lens and on the board. I feel his involvement and contributions to ‘Damn…’ really helped re-vamp the look-and-feel of the Blind team with his style and editing. He really brought the riders personalities to light while highlighting their respective styles of skating.

SD: Where was most of this video filmed?
BW: The video was filmed in several locations including: Southern California, Toronto, Barcelona, Brazil, Vancouver, and China.


SD: Do you have any spoilers for us?
BW: I don’t want to spoil anything, but I’ll tell you this: I have seen so much amazing shit go down while filming… these guys push themselves and each other to their limits spilling blood on the streets giving it everything they got. It has been inspiring to go out there with them daily to make it happen. Both TJ and Yuri have really unique takes on skateboarding, which is why this makes for a really amazing combo to watch: raw, fun, and simply amazing.

SD: What was the craziest part of making this video?
BW: Everything was pretty crazy when we were making this video, but that’s how it should be…and it’s worth every second!




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