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Salad Days Magazine | July 20, 2024

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Blood Runs Cold (members of Sanction, Koyo) drop two song single on DAZE

Blood Runs Cold (members of Sanction, Koyo) drop two song single on DAZE
Salad Days

‘Residuals / Kill Yourself’ out now! Hailing form Long Island, NY, Blood Runs Cold are creating metallic hardcore fueled by frustration.

The band makes their debut with double single, ‘Residuals / Kill Yourself’, out on DAZE. Formed by brothers, guitarist Evan Perino (Separated, Missing Link) and drummer Dillon Perino (Sanction, The Fight), the two set out with vocalist Joey Chiarmonte (Koyo, Typecaste) to produce a sound that was heavier than what was currently happening in the local scene. Rounded out by guitarist Mike Marino (Sanction) and bassist Kyle Mulligan, the band took their time in the studio crafting out what you hear today. The two songs fall into a similar vein of recent DAZE releases like Simulakra and Foreign Hands, while pulling influence from bands like Buried Alive and Poison The Well. ‘Residuals’ sets off with a classic melodic start before heading into a mosh-fueled fury of hulking guitars and shout-along vocals. On the seethingly direct ‘Kill Yourself’ an impassioned vocal fury stirs, supported by crashing cymbals and crushing guitar work.Speaking on the lyrical content, the band stated:

“Most of the songs come from a frustrated or hateful place. Depression, mortality, frustration with the ways people operate both in subcultures and broader society inspired the lyrics for the record.”

‘Residuals / Kill Yourself’ is available now on all streaming platforms and Bandcamp. The release was recorded and mixed by Evan Perino at Shellshock Audio and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

Photo Credit: Steve Levy

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