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Salad Days Magazine | July 22, 2024

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BMX Street Rink 2014 – 16 of the world’s best street riders meet up in Munich, Germany

BMX Street Rink 2014 – 16 of the world’s best street riders meet up in Munich, Germany
Salad Days

On July 20th, 2014 the world’s best BMX street riders will gather in Munich/Germany for a one of a kind contest: the BMX Street Rink.

In the historic ambience of the Olympic Park 15 invited riders from all over the world and one national qualifier will battle for an overall prize money of more than $50.000.


16 of the world’s best street riders meet up in Munich, Germany – Yep, this is happening! The first group of riders is confirmed already and it’s packed with some heavy hitters! Of course Germany’s finest Bruno Hoffmann will be there, trying to make use of his home field advantage. You know he shreds! Bruno, Germany’s Street Rider Of The Years 2012 and 2013, is slowly getting back on the bike after breaking his foot some weeks ago and is already excited to welcome his friends in Munich in July. One of them will be Dakota Roche from Huntington Beach California. Dak is always smiling while pulling some of the gnarliest tricks out there. Need proof? Alex Kennedy from Croydon/London will bring his unique style to the course in the Olympic Ice Stadium. The UK Street Rider Of The Year 2013 named by Ride UK Magazine is going extremely technical with grinds. Regular, oppo, fakie – AK has them all…



And last, but definitely not least: Dennis Enarson, Overall Rider Of The Year 2013 by DIG BMX Magazine. The San Diego local, who dropped a banger edit two weeks ago, is looking forward to the BMX STREET RINK: “I think it will honestly be one of the best street contests yet. The course looks amazing, and I’m sure the riding will be even better. I can’t wait!”


The course is designed by “The Bakery” mastermind and street legend Brian Kachinsky: “My friend and fellow pro rider Jeff Klugiewicz and I tossed ideas around and came up with something that has a little something for everyone.” BK is also coming to the BMX STREET RINK, not as a rider, but as a judge: “I’d like to see original use of the course. Someone who brings a different flavor is always fun to watch but it’s also impressive to see the guys who are really dialed with some of the hardest tricks in the game. The rider who combines those two things will most likely come out on top in the contest.” Besides the 15 invited riders there’ll also be a national qualification the day before the BMX STREET RINK. 20 of Germany’s best street riders will battle for the open spot to ride in front of the expected crowd of 3.000 spectators. For further information and tickets check


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