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Salad Days Magazine | July 14, 2024

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BMX Street Rink 2014 – final info and live stream

BMX Street Rink 2014 – final info and live stream
Salad Days

It’s on! 16 of the world’s best BMX street riders came to Munich/Germany to ride the BMX Street Rink contest in the historic ambience of the Olympic Park.

The first practice sessions are over and as expected the level of riding is crazy. If one can’t make it to Munich, he definitely should check out the live stream.
To get a glimpse which tricks already went down in practice, check this little edit of the Nike team riders:

The list of riders tells it all: Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Dennis Enarson, Ty Morrow, Dakota Roche, Broc Raiford (all USA), Dan Lacey, Alex Kennedy, Ben Lewis (all UK), Bruno Hoffmann, Daniel Tünte (both Germany), Simone Barraco (Italy), Ed Zunda (Latvia), Courage Adams (Spain), Anthony Perrin (France). These 15 guys will be joined by Daniel Büttgen, who won the national qualifier the day before.

The one-of-a-kind course is designed by Brian Kachinsky and Jeff Klugiewicz, who both will be part of the judging team, too. BK is already excited on what
tricks the riders will show: “I’d like to see original use of the course. It’s easy to copy what others are doing but I think the most unique and dialed riders will be
the ones who stand out.” Joining them on the judging tables will be Frenchman Alex Valentino as well as two German BMX legends: Markus Wilke and Tobias Wicke. So we’ve got a unique course, 16 top notch street riders, 5 judges and an estimated crowd of 2.500 spectators. It’s going to be wild! For all of those who want to watch the contest but can’t make it to the BMX STREET RINK, Munich Mash offers a live stream!

Europe: 13:00 CET (not streamed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
USA: 04:00 PST (Los Angeles), 07:00 EST (New York)
Australia: 21:00 (Sydney)
New Zealand: 23:00 (Auckland)

For further information and tickets check!

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