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Salad Days Magazine | May 29, 2024

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Broken Vow sign with Triple B Records, announce ‘Anthropocene’ LP out September 29th

Broken Vow sign with Triple B Records, announce ‘Anthropocene’ LP out September 29th
Salad Days

Address environmental destruction on hard new single ’1.5′.

New England-based band Broken Vow are creating hardcore with purpose and urgency. Formed in early 2020 after meeting through their local scene, the five-piece band released a demo that same year and followed it up with the 2021 EP, ‘Sane Minds End’. After a stream of relentless touring and what seemed like endless writing, the band is proud to announce their first full-length album, ‘Anthropocene’, set for release this fall on their new label home, Triple B Records. The band shares lead single ’1.5′, a blistering track centered around the album’s environmental and socially charged themes. Leaning into the metallic side of hardcore, deep, chunky riffs meet pummeling drums and an unrelenting vocal delivery. Diving into the lyrics on ’1.5′ vocalist Tommy Harte states:

“Every year we lose 1.5% of wild nature to development, extinction, and general human intervention. This song is about the objective truth that humanity is squandering the privilege of the earth. This is not our dominion, and if we wish to survive we must exist in harmony with the earth and cease to view it as a foe to conquer.”

On ‘Anthropocene’, everything the band does is bigger, heavier, and more determined. To achieve the fuller sound, the band worked with Chaz at The Spot in New Haven, CT for recording and mixing, and it was mastered by Will Killingsworth (Orchid) at Dead Air Studios in Amherst, MA. Capturing the wild energy of their live show, the nine songs on the record are built around metallic riffs and an explosive vocal delivery. Taking influence from bands like Strife, xRepentancex, Hopesfall, they’ve created an array of absolutely crushing moments met with melodic solace. Lyrically, the album is meant to be inspiring and a testament to the bands Broken Vow grew up on.

Broken Vow is Tommy Harte (vocals), Harrison Sacco (guitar), Evan Stein (guitar), Max Holsbeke (drums) and Olin May (bass).

‘Anthropocene’ Tracklist:

1. Burning Your Throne

2. Kingdom Dies

3. Evil Armies

4. Function

5. 1.5

6. Propaganda Of The Deed

7. Shift Tactics

8. Reversal

9. No More Air

Upcoming Shows:

8/20 – Hamden, CT @ The Shop w/ Wreckage + Combust

Photo Credit: Emily Hartmann

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