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Salad Days Magazine | July 14, 2024

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Candy share new single and video ‘Love Like Snow’ feat. Mirsy and mmph

Candy share new single and video ‘Love Like Snow’ feat. Mirsy and mmph
Salad Days

New album ‘It’s Inside You‘ out June 7.

Candy shares their new single ‘Love Like Snow’ which sees the band turn toward melody and softness more than ever before with electronic and trance-like production at the forefront. Song features vocals from Mirsy, the side project of Marisa Shriar from Fleshwater, and mmph, the alias of Los Angeles producer Sae Heum Han, who mixed and co-produced the song. Alongside the new single, the band shares the cinematic and eerily camp music video directed by Candy’s Michael Quick. ‘Love Like Snow’ peels back another layer of what can be found on band’s forthcoming album ‘It’s Inside You’ due June 7th via Relapse Records. Lp expands upon group’s lauded brand of metal-warping, digitally-coated hardcore across 12 tracks produced by Quick along with Uniform’s Ben Greenberg and mixed by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios (Nails, High on Fire, The Armed). Candy will be performing two nights with The Dillinger Escape Plan at New York City’s Brooklyn Paramount on June 21st and June 23rd. Both shows are now sold out.

‘It’s Inside You’ is a kind of manifesto of kinship and inner strength. The album serpentines its way through the dark and bright corners of the human psyche. While nihilism and pains of the modern world still exist on the album, it sees the band turn toward tenderness more than ever before, as well. It creates an energizing and empowering atmosphere, in which seeking connections with oneself and with others is central. While constructing the album, Candy opened up and invited collaborators — like Aaron Melnick (Integrity), Justice Tripp (Angel Du$t, Trapped Under Ice), David Gagliardi (Trash Talk), MIRSY (Fleshwater’s Marisa Shriar) and mmph (Sae Heum Han) — who all helped enrich and further define the band’s already distinctive energy.


1. eXistenZ
2. Short-Circuit (feat. Aaron Melnick)
3. You Will Never Get Me (feat. Justice Tripp)
4. It’s Inside You (feat. David Gagliardi)
5. Love Like Snow (feat. Mirsy & mmph)
6. Dehumanize Me
7. Faith 91
8. Terror Management
9. Dreams Less Sweet
10. Silent Collapse
11. Dancing To The Infinite Beat
12. Hypercore

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