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Salad Days Magazine | June 14, 2024

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Cannibal Corpse & Concept Cafes celebrate Beheading Brewing’s

Cannibal Corpse & Concept Cafes celebrate Beheading Brewing’s
Salad Days

Extremely brutal limited edition cold brew release #4 ‘Cranial Extraction’ – artwork: Vince Locke.

“We are chilled to the bone in the Cannibal camp for presenting to our caffeinated fans the 4th ultra brutal label of our Beheading and Brewing cold brew! Keep freezing your brain!” – Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse has gone extremely brutal & beyond with their new can release. Did you ever think you’d see this in the Starbucks era? Is death metal taking over the coffee world by force? Will this one get censored & banned in some countries?

“When we initially launched the cold can line with Cannibal Corpse, we all really just wanted a convenient experience for events and retail venues like the Spooky Empire horror con, or legendary local record store Park Ave CDs, and recently the Vegas oddities shop Cemetery Pulp. Both metal and horror fans were so receptive and stoked on the quality and can art, we knew we had to follow it up. So what’s next? Fans already collect beer cans and bottles, so we decided to do the same for coffee, hence we’re already up to the #4 release. How long can we keep it going? As long as we can consistently keep topping the last and the fans are still asking for them, we’ll keep it going. Is it going to get extremely brutal?… FCK YEAH!!!” – Michael Tonsetic, Concepts Cafe

Cannibal Corpse Can Release #4 (Gift Box):
(1) LIMITED EDITION ‘Cranial Extraction’ Nitro Snapchill Can
(1) 12oz ‘Beheading & Brewing’ Bag
& (1) Cannibal Zombie Sticker

Starts Shipping January 2nd


The guys have dragged coffee even more into the depths of morbid extremes with this 4th installment in the series, a VERY LIMITED Cannibal Corpse cold brew (500 singles). With copious amounts of blood & mass cranial extractions, ‘Cranial Extraction’ just might get banned in some places! This MURDEROUS collectible gift box includes: (1) NEW Limited Edition ‘Cranial Extraction’ Can, (1) 12oz bag of ‘Beheading & Brewing‘ & (1) Cannibal Zombie Sticker in a sleek black shipping box with custom ‘Beheading & Brewing’ shipping tape.

Concept Cafes Coffee
999 Douglas Ave Suite 1109
Altamonte Springs FL 32714

About Concept Cafes Coffee:

“Everybody remembers that first opening riff, that mid-song breakdown, that blast beat crescendo that turned them on, and tuned them into Metal forever. With our artist partners like Cannibal Corpse, Max & Iggor Cavalera, and Ministry; we’re trying to recapture that moment of Metal possession for the fans by immersing them into a Metal coffee obsession like no other. As lifelong fans ourselves, we’re constantly seeking out the most epic Metal experiences; whether it’s records, live shows, merch, etc., so if we can maybe someday say we we’re a small part of that collective fan experience, then we’ve done our job. It’s also super important for us to illuminate the fact that these are the artists’ coffee stories, not our own, we’re just the chaotic-evil little elves that help them conjure their visions and forge them into reality for the fans. We’re not here to snobbishly push conventional coffee culture upon Metalheads either, nor we will we ever try to flip a quick gimmick on our Metal brothers & sisters to make a quick buck. We’re humbled literally everyday with this responsibility, and the opportunity to work with Metal legends. This is why we are constantly pushing the boundaries and possibilities, because foremost we believe there is no other comparison to the dedicated devotion metalheads have in keeping Metal music alive and stronger than ever! Metal deserves the absolute best when it comes to coffee! Reality is coffee culture has become basic cookie-cutter over the past couple of decades; so safe and just a shell of itself which once fueled artists and their music across several generations. We want to revive that creative fire, and as far as playing it safe…it’s metal, motorcycles, & horror…what did you expect?!”

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