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Salad Days Magazine | June 17, 2024

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Chicago punk vets The Bollweevils release new video ‘Resistance’

Chicago punk vets The Bollweevils release new video ‘Resistance’
Salad Days

Chicago punk vets The Bollweevils, released ‘Essential’, their first album in over 14 years. It features tracks such as ‘Predisposition’ and ‘Liniment And Tonic’.

They share a new video for ‘Resistance’ via The Hard Times, which was animated and directed by local Chicago artist, Miguel “Ech” Echemendia. The album is called ‘Essential’ because they’re all essential workers: educators and first responders. It’s one big unity song for the punk community and the workin’ stiffs that got us through the pandemic, and everyone is invited to this party. It was mixed at The Blasting Room (Descendents, Propagandhi) and is available now via Red Scare Industries.

The Bollweevils formed in Chicago back in 1989 and have released music with labels such as Dr. Strange, Hopeless and Underdog Records. The band consists of Daryl Wilson on vocals, Pete Mittler (The Methadones) on bass, Ken Fitzner on guitar and Pete Mumford on drums. Over the years they’ve played shows with Naked Raygun, Rise Against, Rancid, Dead Kennedys, The Lawrence Arms, The Smoking Popes, and many more.

Catch The Bollweevils live:
5/27 Record Release Show @ Chop Shop, Chicago, IL
10/27-10/29 @ FEST, Gainesville, FL


Dr. Daryl Wilson of The Bollweevils
Photo by Patrick Houdek

FFO Rise Against, Naked Raygun, Strike Anywhere

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