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Salad Days Magazine | June 19, 2024

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Citizen share new song/video ‘Blue Sunday’

Citizen share new song/video ‘Blue Sunday’
Salad Days

New album ‘Life In Your Glass World’ due out 03/26 via Run For Cover Records.

Toledo-based rock powerhouse Citizen recently announced their upcoming fourth full-length ‘Life In Your Glass World’, due out March 26th via Run For Cover Records. The band are sharing another early taste of the record with their new single ‘Blue Sunday’. For over a decade Citizen have been challenging expectations and on ‘Life In Your Glass World’ the band once again refuses to be easily defined. Every aspect of the album was made completely on their own terms, with vocalist Mat Kerekes building a studio in his garage where Citizen tracked the entire album. The result is a set of lean, raw songs that represent the most unfiltered version of the band’s daring vision to date.

‘Blue Sunday’ follows the towering guitars of lead single ‘I Want To Kill You’ and offers a glimpse of ‘Life In Your Glass World’‘s many different moods. Led by a smoldering bass groove and Kerekes‘ undeniable melodies, the song unfolds into a swirl of atmospheric guitars and hazy synths unlike anything Citizen have made before. Kerekes discussed the new song, saying: “The song came about once I wrote the bass and drums to the verse for ‘Blue Sunday’. I sent it to the rest of the band and then we all got together to do the rest. Everything flowed naturally and it is one of my favorite songs on the record. It’s essentially about me never wanting to leave my house and although that makes me happy, it is bad for me in different ways.”

‘Life In Your Glass World’ tracklist:
1. Death Dance Approximately
2. I Want To Kill You
3. Blue Sunday
4. Thin Air
5. Call Your Bluff
6. Pedestal
7. Fight Beat
8. Black and Red
9. Glass World
10. Winter Buds
11. Edge Of The World

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