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Salad Days Magazine | May 29, 2024

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Converse CONS – ‘Time Web’

Converse CONS – ‘Time Web’
Salad Days

A film experiment shot in total darkness. A bullet-time rig made from pinhole cameras.

The Rig: 104 pinhole cameras built along a 21-foot long loop. Loaded in a lightproof, pitch black studio, using a single strip of 35mm film, and exposing all the frames along that strip at the same moment with powerful strobes. Additionally shot with Super 16mm, hand-cranked 35mm, and a lenticular 35mm camera.

Directed by: Colin Read
Produced by: Sea Cow & Pulse Films
Producer: Leon Derriey
Score: Sam Perkin
DP: Eric Schleicher
Camera Technician: Nicolas De Miranda
1st AC: Dylan Gaffney
Photographer: Cole Giordano
Production Designer: Charlie Turner
Associate Producer: Asher Shay-Nemirow
Associate Producer: Nicola Macchitella
Skaters: Leo Gutman & Camden Green
On-Site Film Developing: Bushwick Community Darkroom
Film Scanner / Developer: Lucia Rollows
Film Scanning: Cooper Winterson
Post Facility: Electric Theatre Collective
Color producer: Oscar Wendt
Colorist: Connor Coolbear
Shot on Kodak Double X & Orwo N74
Shot at 110 Studios

Introducing The Louie Lopez Pro Mid

The Louie Lopez Pro Mid takes on a mind of its own and jumps into the driver’s seat of Louie’s classic 1965 Thunderbird. Check out what ensues as they cruise the streets of L.A bumping into Louie’s friends and family along the way.

Written and Directed by: Bryant Inthavong

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