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Salad Days Magazine | April 12, 2024

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DCxPC Live to release Ann Beretta live album!

DCxPC Live to release Ann Beretta live album!
Salad Days

DCxPC Live is stoked to be putting out a live acoustic album by Richmond punks, Ann Beretta, on October 7th 2022! You can listen to a single now..

Recorded live at the Broadberry in Richmond, VA on September 27, 2018 when the band played a special acoustic show to a near sold out crowd in one of Richmond’s best music venues. Playing acoustic as a full band is something that’s only been done a few times and none sounded as good as this night. Limited to 200 copies, each one with a unique hand screen printed cover by singer Rob Huddleston. Each album is number and has been signed by Rob. The LP was pressed on opaque pink vinyl.

About DCxPC:

When the pandemic hit DCxPC Live, originally a show promoter, had several shows get cancelled with dope bands like the Koffin Kats and Field Day. Struggling with how to handle the shuttering of live music, they decided to try their first livestream. They booked their own band (Call In Dead) and some friends of theirs that happened to be old students of DCxPC’s Scott Pasch‘s. Their thought was that if it sucked, at least they’d be hanging with friends. Well it did not suck! With the help of Joshua Dobbs of Danger Room Recording Services, the show went off better than expected and the live tracks sounded sick! So sick that they were soon released and started the series off with a bang. DCxPC Live would only release live albums. They designed their covers as an homage to the classic 1990’s VML Live Series that were core to Pasch’s misspent youth.


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