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Salad Days Magazine | July 16, 2024

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Degenerati Snowboarding brand launches

Degenerati Snowboarding brand launches
Salad Days

The Degenerati is a movement. The Degenerati is a choice. The Degenerati is… an ongoing capsule collection of rugged apparel, burly mittens, staple accessories and limited snowboards.

Spawned from the desire to pack light and live heavy, stay hungry and ever opportunistic; the Degenerati shake the hang-over, brew coffee, drive with boots on, and make it on hill to lap the park, drop first lines or spend all night burning gas in the genny. The collection is built around the principle that all products should integrate with one another to create a kit that is equal parts on-hill functionality and house-party-ready. Versatility is key and pieces like the Forge Workshirt are at home hiking the park when the lifts stop or perched on a bar stool after last call. Rethinking the basics is a priority and we have revamped the simplest of items to withstand a life of couch surfing, rope tow ripping, and van traveling. Products that will last season after season of rolling 10 deep in pursuit of the next spot. Because when snowboarding takes priority and The Degenerati heed the call. Such as our black anodized Bolts with a lifetime warranty or our flannel lined Oculus snap jacket with zippered closures. Only available in select stores, the 2017 Degenerati collection has finally arrived. Our new site is live, the product is in shops and the seasons are changing. Deviate and Discover.


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