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Salad Days Magazine | June 14, 2024

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DIY Chapter 13: Mission Canada

DIY Chapter 13: Mission Canada
Salad Days

The Canadian dream – powder and sledding, but somehow Xavier De Le Rue always manages to twist the norm opting for dog sleds and couloirs instead.

Not your normal Canadian sledding… Mt. Begbie dominates the Revelstoke skyline and Xavier had found his objective. 14km of trail to a suitable campsite Xavier hunted out local Eric and his racing dog sled team to give a hand with the ascent of the gear. Dog sledding in Canada is a little more extreme than the tourist rides in Verbier, and thoughts of sipping hot chocolate wrapped in furs soon disappeared as the team “mushed” there way to the top, stopping for the humans to have a breather the dogs yowling until they were allowed to run again. Setting up camp in line with the summit of Mt. Begbie and a clear view of their objective Xavier set off on a reccy run to the top couloirs arriving late in the afternoon the conditions were less than ideal with icy entrances, overhanging couloirs and after the only high pressure of the winter a need to be extra cautious of the avalanche risk. But where there is a will there is a way – game on.

De Le Rue Creative
Verbier 1936

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