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Salad Days Magazine | June 25, 2024

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Drunk Dial Records to release 7″ by Sweden’s Ditches!

Drunk Dial Records to release 7″ by Sweden’s Ditches!
Salad Days

Drunk Dial Records is back with a new 7″ from Sweden’s Ditches, and you can hear a new track now.

These songs were written/arranged and recorded on May 22–23rd, 2021, drunk on 15 Carlsberg Hof, 14 Mellerud Paradpilsner, 2 Coronas, 10 assorted shots and some Cambodian Cubensis shrooms. Lars drank Trocadero, Mer, festis, Champis and Pop Art craft sodas. The 7″ was recorded by Reidar Assine and Daniel Hanssen in the band’s rehearsal space in Slakthusområdet and Studio Tillflyktsorten, Stockholm Sweden. It was mixed by Jeff Burke and mastered by Dave Williams at Eight Floors Above Audio Mastering Co. The first pressing of 100 on Coke Bottle Clear and 200 on black vinyl will be available on May 27th. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden and inspired by the 1970’s power pop era and the American garage punk scene from the early 2000’s, Ditches was formed in 2016. Setting out to create gritty melancholic music in a energetic downstroke driven manner Ditches recorded and self released the first demo ‘X-Ray Eyes’ on limited edition of 50 copies cassette tapes in 2017. For the 2018 follow-up 7” Ep ’1000 Elephants’, Ditches contacted Cool Devices Studio, owned and operated by Mark Ryan (The Marked Men, Mind Spiders) and Jeff Burke (The Marked Men, Radioactivity, Lost Balloons) who mixed and mastered the release. In early 2019 Ditches released the 7” single ‘The Taste’ through the Spanish label Jarama 45RPM Records. Later in 2019 Ditches travelled to New York to record their debut self titled album together with Jeff Burke who also did the mixing. The mastering was done by Dave Williams (Eight Floors Above Audio Mastering Co., Steve Adamyk Band). The album was released in 2020 on the UK label Drunken Sailor Records. During the pandemic Ditches released a song for the charity fundraiser compilation ‘Music for Gloves’ by Jarama 45RPM Records in 2021. Mixed and mastered by Mark Ryan. During the years Ditches has toured Europe, Scandinavia and played with bands such as Neighbourhood Brats, Radioactivity, Radkey, Lost Balloons, Bad Sports, Gestures among others.

About the label:

Drunk Dial Records was an idea born at a bar table. “What if there was a record label that convinced bands to get super drunk and then make a record?” Followed shortly by “Hey, I’LL DO IT!” The ambition of Drunk Dial needed to be something more than just “Drunk History, but with bands.” Deciding on the name and hook was easy—figuring out how to make it not suck proved to be a bit harder. When music fans and booze wind up in the same room, it’s clear that the songs people most connect with are the ones with a story. Tidbits are shared about the true meaning of lyrics—contexts like heartbreak and getting high—or how a hugely successful song was written in the studio just minutes before it was recorded. The goal of Drunk Dial is to cultivate these stories. By challenging musicians to get drunk, write, and record an original song and classic cover in one day, we create space for a story to develop. We’re hoping that by pushing artists outside of their normal creative zone, what ends up on vinyl are more raw, expressively exposed songs than listeners would normally get to hear.

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