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Salad Days Magazine | April 12, 2024

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Dusters California X The Grateful Dead Collab

Dusters California X The Grateful Dead Collab
Salad Days

Dusters California pays tribute to the musical legacy of The Grateful Dead with skateboard collaboration!

The Grateful Dead is widely regarded as a band whose influence has not only spawned the creation of new genres of jam band music, but created a passionate subculture of fans that share the youthful attitude of the 1960’s even today. The free spirited creativity of their music was shared by the youth who found similar expressions of freedom on the urethane wheels and concrete sidewalks of southern California. To honor the legacy of one of the most influential bands of the 1960’s youth counterculture movement, it’s a pleasure to announce our collaboration cruisers with the one and only Grateful Dead. The artworks of these retro-style, modern technology collab boards celebrates the band’s final farewell concerts by taking cues from some of the seminal images of the band’s history including the dancing bear, skull and roses, and ice cream kid.


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The Grateful Dead was one of the most iconic and important bands of the past 50 years, and probably one of the most groundbreaking acts in rock and roll history. Their improvisational approaches to music lead them to break rules and carry fanatic fans from the pubs of San Francisco to big stadiums all over the country,” says Nano Nobrega, the Creative Director of Dusters. “Knowing they were getting together for a series of farewell concerts this year is what lead us to pursue this collaboration. It’s a true honor and pleasure for Dusters California to be a part of something that embraces such powerful passion and freedom of expression.”



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