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Salad Days Magazine | February 26, 2024

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‘Exhibit A’ compilation announced to benefit Southern Poverty Law Center

‘Exhibit A’ compilation announced to benefit  Southern Poverty Law Center
Salad Days

Featuring tracks from Bitter Branches, GEL, Be Well, Truth Cult, HIRS Collective, and more.

The roots of punk and hardcore have always been about taking a stand for what you believe in, and seventeen bands come together for the ‘Exhibit A’ compilation. Set for release on October 7th, 100% of proceeds from both physical and digital sales will benefit Southern Poverty Law Center*, an Alabama-based non-profit organization focused on ensuring the promise of civil rights through legal advocacy, exposing hate groups, and providing communities with educational resources. The compilation was put together by Bitter Branches drummer Jeff Tirabassi as a call to action against the political and civil injustices taking place in the United States and beyond.

Tirabassi expands:

“The kids need to have their say again. I thought it would be a great idea to collect songs from these bands we connected with during the pandemic for a compilation, much like Dischord did for the ‘State Of The Union Compilation’ in 1989. This comp was a game changer/eye opener effecting change and raising awareness through the power of a diverse music scene in DC. We chose the Southern Poverty Law Center as our organization to benefit since they have a single focus of protecting the rights of the disenfranchised. With people under constant attack for their race, sexual orientation, and keeping control of their own bodies, this was the most important cause we all agreed would be the best to focus on.”

‘Exhibit A’ is available for purchase on multiple physical formats including vinyl co-released by Atomic Action and Hellminded, cassettes by Knife Hits (US), and cassettes by Ugly & Proud and Shove Records (EU). The compilation features contributions from up and coming bands like GEL, HIRS Collective, Truth Cult, School Drugs and Faim, plus newer projects from seasoned vets with Be Well (Fairweather, Darkest Hour) and Every Scar Has A Story (108, Hundreds Of AU). Aptly, the first song released from the compilation comes from Bitter Branches who debuted their cover of PJ Harvey’s ’50ft Queenie’:

Speaking on the cover choice, vocalist Tim Singer explained:

“We’re all PJ fans and ‘50ft Queenie’ is a ripper (and ‘Rid Of Me’ is pretty much a perfect album). That tune in particular has raw, empowering, unapologetic, gender-bending fuck-you message that pokes fun at male posturing. I personally love taking shots at machismo whenever possible. Basically, women have more reasons to be pissed off and I also fear that people may mistake my vocals for “tough guy” posturing. So honoring PJ Harvey’s general awesomeness was a no-brainer. And I get to sing about being a 50 foot queen.”

*Exhibit A is in no way directly affiliated with Southern Poverty Law Center and is committing to a donation of 100% of sale proceeds to the organization.


‘Exhibit A’ Tracklist:
FAIM – Stepping Stone
GEL – Guided Meditation
Exhalants – Sociopathetic
Every Scar Has A Story – I’m Chasing Ghosts
Multicult – Calibration
HIRS Collective – Eighth Rank Promotion/Living In Lead
Easy Prey – A Reconciliation
Crossed Keys – RIP Arch Street
Rid Of Me – Sabotage (Beastie Boys cover)
Therapy – Shadows
School Drugs – Broken
Fashion Week – Christian Eeyore
Be Well – Erased
Bitter Branches – 50ft Queenie (PJ Harvey cover)
Truth Cult – Remain In Light
Dead Torches – Self-Destructing Memo
Faking – Derailed

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